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I think this one’s pretty self explanatory! An Education site with an Education category? Who would’ve thunk it!

Free WiFi! On Schoolbuses?!

Free WiFi! On Schoolbuses?!

Table of Contents Investing In the Internet for Kids? Pros and Cons of WiFi On Buses Practical Ideas for WiFi On Buses Conclusion Should School Buses Have WiFi? School buses equipped with WiFi capabilities are popping up all over the country. This has added more kindling to the great pyre of debate over how much time […]

New Tricks, Old Tech

Old technology in the classroom

Using Old Technology in the Classroom Traditional classes have the potential to be very boring, especially in primary and high school. Listening to a teacher droning on about names, dates, and events, solving math problems, having to look at that board all day… Even with the advent of “power point classrooms” – in the hands […]

Keeping History Class Alive

boring class

Keeping History Class Alive History is one of the tougher subjects to teach. You’d think that it wouldn’t be so difficult. After all, history – be it global or American – has seen its share of exciting and amazing events. Wars, religions, revolutions, coups, crusades, and of course, the Brady Bunch reunion of 1981. Unfortunately, […]

Co-ed vs Separate Education

separate gender education

Is segregating sexes in education a positive or negative approach? Which option creates a more intellectually stimulating and safe classroom environment? Well, it depends. This is a debate that has been going on for some time, with arguments for and against coming up constantly. To make a very broad generalization: those who are segregated do […]

Video Games and Education

video games and education

More and more teachers are discovering new ways of keeping their students’ attention focused on the classroom and the class in session. One way which has proven itself worthy of mention is the use of video games. Video Games and Education – The Future? Of course, video games in the classroom have the potential to […]