How to Use Social Media as a Tool for Learning

Social media is everywhere.

Someone recently remarked that nobody uses certain social media language abbreviations such as BRB anymore. And why? Well, because now there is no BRB. You aren’t coming back to anything, because it is always with you. Back when chatrooms were confined to the computer, you actually had to come back to the place where you were. But now? Social media is on our computers, phones, tablets, and who knows where else it will infiltrate in the future?


Many teachers see these things as a distraction. They look at their classroom and see themselves fighting a hopeless battle for their students’ attention. This is by no means far from the truth. So many distractions these days… But, how about keeping your enemies closer, as it were, by letting social media creep into your classroom?

It doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds. You can start with something simple, like creating a page for your class. A place where students and parents alike can log in, catch up on what is going on in the classroom or school, and even get help with their homework from fellow classmates.

It doesn’t have to stop at facebook, either. So many other types of social media offer tons of new and exciting possibilities, whether you are a K-12 teacher or higher. Platforms such as instagram, youtube, twitter, blogs – these can all come to your aid, and help your students stay focused on their studies, rather than be distracted by them.


Integration of such technology can’t be done overnight. Because we are talking about a classroom, certain precautions and measures must be taken to make sure that everything is on the up and up. Take a look at your school’s policy on social media (if such a thing exists), and create a safe environment for students, parents, and teachers to interact. By utilizing this technology, not only are you creating a fun learning environment, but you are also helping to bridge the gap between the students themselves.

Education is only as good as the educator. Be the change you wish to see in the classroom, and consider integrating useful technology – such as grammar software – into your teaching experience!

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