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Microsoft Virtual Academy: SharePoint

SharePoint featured

Microsoft Virtual Academy courses are one of the best ways to improve your computer skills and abilities – each course can teach a different important aspect of computer knowledge. SharePoint is one of the most groundbreaking pieces of software produced in the early 2000s. MVA courses will aid you to improve workflow via this platform.

Microsoft Virtual Academy: Big Data

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Businesses often acquire massive amounts of data, but what to do with all that info? MVA Big Data classes can teach you to draw valid, accurate conclusions. This is the latest in Microsoft’s amazing line of Virtual Academy courses, and another in EduMuch’s long line of features covering them – check it out now!

Microsoft Virtual Academy: DevOps

devops featured

DevOps entails operations and development engineers working together throughout the lifecycle of a project, from design through development to production. Want to learn all about this important area of computers? Check out Microsoft Virtual Academy: DevOps and read all about this great course in our new EduMuch feature.