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Silent Letters

Silent Letters

One of the more annoying things about the English language is its high content of silent letters. A whopping 60% of English words include silent letters in them. These letters can create a problem for both writers and readers, and certainly for those of us who are studying English as a second language. Many English […]

How to Motivate Students


Keeping students motivated is one of the greatest all time mysteries. To me, it seems that motivation is a lot easier in younger grades. During higher education schooling, many students already have some desire to stay motivated in order to succeed, so a lot of that burden falls on them in the form of self-motivation. […]

Creating a Safe Classroom Environment


Establishing a safe and comfortable environment in the classroom – indeed, in the entire school – is crucial. Part of the teacher’s job to create that environment, and make sure that the classroom is a space where education and learning can take place. Safety in the Classroom Students are a shifty bunch, be they in […]

Were vs. We’re

We're Open

Basic English Grammar Rules: Were vs. We’re Homonyms are very common in the English language. What is a homonym, you ask? Homonyms, or homophones, are words which sound alike but have separate meanings. Use of the words were and we’re can be very confusing. It is difficult to know when to use the right word. […]

How to Fight and Check Plagiarism


While it is easier than ever to find and copy information straight off the internet, it is also easier than ever for teachers to figure out that you’ve copied information off the internet. It is a double-edged sword. In many ways, plagiarism is a disease which is constantly spreading. Even with the advent of plagiarism […]

Than vs Then, Wait, When?

Then vs Than3

“Then” and “than” are used very regularly by anyone who speaks English, and they are among the most frequently used words in the English language. But do you know when to use then vs than?There are many people who incorrectly use these words, causing confusion and misunderstanding. Sentence structure is important, as is correct word […]

WhiteSmoke Software

WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Software Review

One of my friends was struggling with his English writing and as a consequence he was failing some classes at school. I then introduced him to WhiteSmoke grammar checker and now he is sailing along happily, and passing with flying colors. Why did I tell him to use WhiteSmoke Software? The answer is simple. He was […]