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Ahhh English… The oft maligned class and language of our childhoods… How could something that seems so easy be so hard? Well! Not anymore with’s English Section! We’ve got it all from tips to lessons!

Grammarly vs Ginger Grammar Checkers

Grammarly or Ginger? Ginger or Grammarly? When it comes to grammat checker software and their rivalries, this is the classic, age-old debate – which program is truly superior? Each program has their pros and cons… read on to discover more about the great grammarly vs ginger debate, and see which program is best suited for […]

Adjectives – Part C

Adjectives are difficult to learn for some, but as with anything linguistic:  practice makes perfect. What is an adjective?  Adjectives are used to modify, describe, or change a person, place, thing, idea. Basically, almost any noun can be modified with the use of adjectives which are called pre- and post-modifiers. The use of adjectives is […]

Nouns – Part C

Nouns are words used to describe every object or abstract concept that we have a name for, basically. Nouns are used to describe people, places, things, and ideas. They can be broken into several sub-categories, according to their use and context. There are various ways of breaking down nouns, and I will be writing about […]

Adjectives – Part B

Using adjectives can be confusing. There are many exceptions to the rules of adjective-using. I will try and simplify things for those in need of guidance. Adjectives are used to describe or modify a noun (i.e. place, person, thing, or idea). Examples: A unique blend The fastest runner An amazing trilogy Six months’ severance pay […]