The Biggest Trend in the Beauty Industry You’ve Never Heard About

The world of beauty has always been a completely unregulated industry generating billions of dollars per year.  It preys on the societies expectations of women to look their best at any cost, and promises everything from plastic surgery in a bottle, to longer stronger hair in 10 days. Even acupuncture has been turned to for skin improvement and cosmetic benefits. Probably one of the biggest underground markets to have hit the beauty industry in the past 100 years is human hair.  This is hair you wear, for hair loss, beauty, longer hair, healthier hair, and for achieving the impossible dream of looking lawless.

From Beyonce to Adele, hair additions have been used in Hollywood along side makeup to get that perfect look we are accustomed to seeing in the media.  But where did this trend come from, and does it deliver its promises unlike so many beauty trends out there that often fail to deliver?  The truth is that this Hollywood trend is far from new.  Both black and orthadox Jewish communities have openly worn hair for generations. But it’s just recently that the popularity has exploded into the mainstream.

Just type in “wig’s” on eBay, and you’ll get thousands of results!  Celebrities have even been starting to open up in social media about wearing human hair.  Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj show how common human hair pieces are on the red carpet and in every day life.  Human hair products such as extensions, have pushed the supplemental hair industry into the mainstream, creating a rush to get the highest quality Slavic hair on the market.  People want to have what nature has not given them, and high quality long hair is the top on the list of products in high demand.

So, will this trend deliver its promises?  We will have to wait and see.

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