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Ahhh English… The oft maligned class and language of our childhoods… How could something that seems so easy be so hard? Well! Not anymore with’s English Section! We’ve got it all from tips to lessons!

Nouns – Part B


Nouns are the most basic and common types of words in the English language. They are used to describe any person, place, idea, or thing. Nouns fall into separate categories, such as common, count, mass, collective, abstract, and others. In this post, I will be covering the more basic nouns which are used in English. […]

Silent Letters – Part B


The English language is old. It has undergone many transformations, and yet some things have managed to stick around. 60% of the English language’s words have silent letter in them. These are very frustrating to deal with, especially for those studying English as a second language. However, some silent letter can drive even the best […]



Determiners are words used before a noun or noun phrase. These words give context, and provide a detailed reference or specification. They give information about a noun. The most common determiners are the, an, and a. The is considered to be a definite determiner, while a and an are considered to be indefinite determiner. Words […]

How to Fight and Check Plagiarism


While it is easier than ever to find and copy information straight off the internet, it is also easier than ever for teachers to figure out that you’ve copied information off the internet. It is a double-edged sword. In many ways, plagiarism is a disease which is constantly spreading. Even with the advent of plagiarism […]

How Social Media is Affecting the English Language

Social Media Networks

In his masterpiece-of-a-book 1984, George Orwell deliciously (and very creepily) paints the picture of a world in which language has turned into newspeak:  a concise, abbreviated,  shorthand of the language formerly known as English. In today’s rapidly changing world, more and more of the English language is being affected by social media. This is happening […]