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How many times have you done write up after write up and just couldn’t quite place what was wrong with your paper? Well’s writing section is out to chase those writing woes goodbye! Our top notch writers have all of the answers and tips for even the most advanced writers!

Accept vs Except

Accept vs Except

I Accept that Exception One problematic issue facing English speakers worldwide – made possible through the advancements of Modern English – is the fact that, some words sound incredibly alike, yet have very different meanings. Pronunciation is important, but not everyone has the same quality of diction and enunciation. This can cause feelings of confusion […]



Determiners are words used before a noun or noun phrase. These words give context, and provide a detailed reference or specification. They give information about a noun. The most common determiners are the, an, and a. The is considered to be a definite determiner, while a and an are considered to be indefinite determiner. Words […]

All About Adverbs


An adverb is a word which modifies a sentence or parts of a sentence like a verb, adjective, determiner, or noun phrase. Adverbs make an appearance to make clear variables such as time, manner, location, frequency. Adverbs also answer important questions such as how?, when?, where?, to what degree?, In what way? Adverbs may be […]

Ginger Grammar Check Keeps Your Writing in Check

Ginger Grammar Checker

There are several grammar checkers out there, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. The important thing to understand about grammar checkers is that none of them is perfect. It isn’t easy creating a grammar checking algorithm. Unlike spelling checkers, which are checking for something which seldom changes and is relatively constant and widespread, […]

Video Games in the Classroom


In a recent interview conducted with Prof. Jordan Shapiro of Temple University, he stated that although digital tools such as video games can be very beneficial for learning, nothing will ever replace a good teacher. Good teachers can be found in schools everywhere, regardless of whether its a public vs private school education or the particular […]

Silent Letters

Silent Letters

One of the more annoying things about the English language is its high content of silent letters. A whopping 60% of English words include silent letters in them. These letters can create a problem for both writers and readers, and certainly for those of us who are studying English as a second language. Many English […]

Were vs. We’re

We're Open

Basic English Grammar Rules: Were vs. We’re Homonyms are very common in the English language. What is a homonym, you ask? Homonyms, or homophones, are words which sound alike but have separate meanings. Use of the words were and we’re can be very confusing. It is difficult to know when to use the right word. […]

How to Fight and Check Plagiarism


While it is easier than ever to find and copy information straight off the internet, it is also easier than ever for teachers to figure out that you’ve copied information off the internet. It is a double-edged sword. In many ways, plagiarism is a disease which is constantly spreading. Even with the advent of plagiarism […]