English Grammar: Intro to Adjectives

English Grammar: Intro to Adjectives

Adjectives Adjectives are words used to describe or modify nouns that are places or people or ideas or things. Examples: —One year’s salary –A heartfelt melody –An obnoxious businessman –The irate teacher Use of adjectives is very common, and they appear everywhere. They usually appear before the noun which they are modifying. However, it is possible […]

English Grammar: Silent Letters

English grammar silent letters

Ask anyone. You will not find a single soul who does not despise silent letters. The English language has a huge amount of silent letters in its words. Actually, it is about 60 percent! Mostly, they are just leftovers which serve to remind us of the English language’s ancestors – Latin, French, Germanic, and other […]

New Tricks, Old Tech

Old technology in the classroom

Using Old Technology in the Classroom Traditional classes have the potential to be very boring, especially in primary and high school. Listening to a teacher droning on about names, dates, and events, solving math problems, having to look at that board all day… Even with the advent of “power point classrooms” – in the hands […]

When Adverbs Go Bad

when adverbs go bad

When Adverbs Go Bad Some people like to over-complicate things. They don’t subscribe to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” idiom. They have the unique ability to take even the simplest, most straightforward task or idea – and then surround it with unnecessary concerns. Some writers operate in the same way. They feel the […]