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Grammarly vs Ginger Grammar Checkers

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Grammarly or Ginger? Ginger or Grammarly? When it comes to grammat checker software and their rivalries, this is the classic, age-old debate – which program is truly superior? Each program has their pros and cons… read on to discover more about the great grammarly vs ginger debate, and see which program is best suited for […]

Hello WordPerfect, Goodbye Word!


When it comes to word processing applications, we all know that Microsoft Word is the big man on campus. What many people do not realize, however, is that there are viable alternatives to Word – Corel’s WordPerfect is a worthy competitor to Microsoft Word for Word Processing and Writing. Read all about it right here!

Ginger Grammar Checker Review

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Looking for ways to improve on your grammar skills? Of course you are, who isn’t? Grammar is one of the most fundamental elements of writing, which is one of the foremost ways in which we express ourselves. Ginger grammar checker software will check grammar, offers spell checker, as well as personal English exercises to help […]

WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Software Review

Whitesmoke grammar software review

Grammar Check Helps You See Through the Smoke WhiteSmoke, Incorporated is a publicly-traded company (TASE: WMSK), which was founded in 2002 by Hilla and Liran Brenner. The couple established WhiteSmoke in hopes of improving communication skills among native and non-native English speakers alike. The couple saw the immense value in creating a new kind of software, to facilitate the growing need for professional and high […]