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You can’t write without grammar and you can’t grammar without write! Wait… That last sentence looks weird… I’m sure if I had some articles on grammar I could fix up that last sentence a bit! Well now with’s grammar section we’ve got you covered!

Nouns – Part C


Nouns are words used to describe every object or abstract concept that we have a name for, basically. Nouns are used to describe people, places, things, and ideas. They can be broken into several sub-categories, according to their use and context. There are various ways of breaking down nouns, and I will be writing about […]

Adjectives – Part B


Using adjectives can be confusing. There are many exceptions to the rules of adjective-using. I will try and simplify things for those in need of guidance. Adjectives are used to describe or modify a noun (i.e. place, person, thing, or idea). Examples: A unique blend The fastest runner An amazing trilogy Six months’ severance pay […]

Bad Grammar and Peer Pressure


Call me a nerd if you feel like it, but English is important to me. I care about things like vocabulary, diction, and enunciation. Written English, in particular, has a special place in my heart and in my life. With the advent of smart phones, blogs, and social media – it seems more and more […]

Nouns – Part B


Nouns are the most basic and common types of words in the English language. They are used to describe any person, place, idea, or thing. Nouns fall into separate categories, such as common, count, mass, collective, abstract, and others. In this post, I will be covering the more basic nouns which are used in English. […]

Grammarly Software Review


In this day and age, when so much information is created and passed on in digital form, the command of the English language is essential. Of course, nothing will ever replace the good old-fashioned human proofreader. No matter how complex an algorithm, grammar checking software will never be absolutely perfect. However, a good grammar checker […]

Accept vs Except

Accept vs Except

I Accept that Exception One problematic issue facing English speakers worldwide – made possible through the advancements of Modern English – is the fact that, some words sound incredibly alike, yet have very different meanings. Pronunciation is important, but not everyone has the same quality of diction and enunciation. This can cause feelings of confusion […]



Determiners are words used before a noun or noun phrase. These words give context, and provide a detailed reference or specification. They give information about a noun. The most common determiners are the, an, and a. The is considered to be a definite determiner, while a and an are considered to be indefinite determiner. Words […]