Creating a Safe Classroom Environment

Establishing a safe and comfortable environment in the classroom – indeed, in the entire school – is crucial. Part of the teacher's job to create that environment, and make sure that the classroom is a space where education and learning can take place.

Safety in the Classroom

Students are a shifty bunch, be they in K-12 or higher up on the educational totem pole. It is up to the educator to make sure that the students get every advantage they can, and make the most of all of the opportunities they are given. This can happen only in a supporting and encouraging environment, where students can grow and achieve more.


Aside from the emotional and mental aspects of education, there is also the actual physical classroom. Keeping it healthy and safe is fundamental, and it can help your students make more of their education. Some things to look out for:


Safety rules. They are there for a reason, and they should be enforced. Some say that rules were made to be broken, and to some extent that is probably true. However, this is not a matter which one can simply sweep under the proverbial rug and ignore. Sure, you could do that, but be certain that sooner or later it is going to come back to haunt you. Following the safety rules is what is best for both students and faculty, in the long run. Some schools actually have the faculty, parents, and students sign a safety contract. This is done not only for record-keeping purposes, but also in order to make sure that everyone is aware of the rules. Awareness prevents disasters.

The classroom, even non-laboratory ones, can present a problem. There are many potential hazards in the room, and a teacher must organize the classroom is such a way that is safe. It is the teacher's job to make sure there is enough room for working and walking, for instance, and that there is a designated space for storage. It is also important that the storage cabinets be locked and maintained.


In laboratories, it is essential to have the proper safety equipment available at all times that studies and activities are taking places. Gloves, goggles, and anything else that a student may require to perform his task accurately should be up to code and ready.

You need to think a little bit ahead, identify and correct problems and issues before they materialize. Doing so will assure the safety, and hopefully the success, of your students, and make your classroom a place where education can be the main focus.

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