Udemy Human Resources Courses Review

Hiring and leading the workforce to bigger and better heights is what a good human resources manager does. Any business worth its salt will state that it views its employees as assets, which should be nurtured and developed. Luckily, Udemy Human Resources Courses will help anyone interested in achieving this, do just that.

Human Resources In The 21st Century

Udemy has nearly 100 courses on human resources. One of the most popular courses is The New HR: 21st Century Talent Management, instructed by Josh Bersin. This is a free course (one of two which are available), and it focuses on the hiring and developing process. The course spans 17 lectures, and amounts to over 4 hours of video. The topics covered in the course are talent acquisition, performance management, engagement and retention, continuous learning, global leadership, big data and analytics. It is optimized for the 21st century. This is not a course for those who are happy with the older views and theories of people management.

Many topics are covered in this course including global leadership

Many topics are covered in this course including global leadership

Nothing is necessary for taking this course, other than a drive to learn and an interest in the people who make a business run. What Bersin wants his students to understand is that human resources is not just another department in a business – it is the business. It is its heart, and without it there is no way for employers and employees to remain in good standing. There needs to be communication and engagement, and these are skills which will be learned during the course.

Plenty of Video Content for Everyone

The course has 19 lectures, and over 3 hours of video content. It is meant for HR managers, entrepreneurs, learning and talent developers, and small business owners. The New HR is exactly that – a fresh approach, and a new perspective. It is what will give managers a real edge over the competition.

Josh Bersin is a leading expert in human resources

Josh Bersin is a leading expert in human resources


Bersin is the author of two books and countless research reports on the market and training of employees. He works with senior HR, talent, and learning leaders for major corporations around the world. He is a contributor for Forbes, and a columnist for CLO magazine.


Other than the main points mentioned above, the course will also include resources for each of the sections. The lectures and slides are made available in PDF form, for later download and inspection.


The Importance of a Well Maintained Workforce


If you are a business owner or HR manager, it is imperative to understand how to maintain the proper workforce. Viewing the human assets of a business in a whole new way, and working hard to develop them – this is what 21st century HR is about.


A company is comprised of people. It is important to know how to promote collaboration and information-sharing within your company. This will make the employees that much more valuable and knowledgeable. Maintaining a team of valuable and valued employees are the heart of soul of any healthy business, who wishes to grow, expand, and explore new options.

one of the most important parts in human resources is teamwork

one of the most important aspects of human resources is teamwork

Udemy’s human resources page also includes links to related topics, such as communications, finance, entrepreneurship and productivity.

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