Ginger Grammar Check Keeps Your Writing in Check

There are several grammar checkers out there, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. The important thing to understand about grammar checkers is that none of them is perfect. It isn’t easy creating a grammar checking algorithm.


Unlike spelling checkers, which are checking for something which seldom changes and is relatively constant and widespread, a grammar checking algorithm needs to be on top of syntax, style, and context. That’s a lot to ask of any software, but Ginger’s checker does have a few tricks up its proverbial sleeve.

Ginger’s Grammar checker reviews and proofreads text in any window. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, as well as web browsers. It can work in any location where an internet connection is available. A few of its more interesting features are:

Text to Speech

Text to speech is a perfect tool for those who are studying English as a second language, or for those who may suffer from a reading/writing disability such as dyslexia. You are one click away from hearing your text spoken aloud, in a clear voice. A tool which is wonderful for those seeking to get a different perspective on their text.

Word Prediction

Ginger suggests the next word in real time, as you are typing. It helps you save time and energy while working.

Personal English Trainer

The program functions as an instant English language enhancer. It is similar to having your very own linguistics coach by your side, giving you pointers and tips. It also includes practice sessions based on your own spelling and grammar errors.

User-friendly and easy to configure, Ginger software is made to help the individual user learn from their previous mistakes. It analyzes repeated errors and provides suggestions for correction.

Ginger grammar checker is free web-based program, so an active internet connection is required for using it. A premium version is available as well, with the option of a monthly or yearly payment plan to choose from.

Ginger Grammar Software Box

This software is available for Windows, Mac, web browsers, Android, and iOS. Whether you are learning English as a second language, or are looking to improve your native writing skills, Ginger’s grammar checker is a great tool to have. It can save you and your text from embarrassing mistakes, and bring your writing skill up a notch.

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