Grammarly Grammar Checker Review

What side do you fall on of the ever-raging Grammarly vs Whitesmoke debate? Read on for our review of the Grammarly editing program!

Grammarly Software Review

Grammar checking software is difficult to pull off. No matter what, there will be no replacement for the efficiency of human eyes and language skills.

Grammarly is a grammar and spelling checker, whose goal is to make you a better writer than you are today. Forbes magazine even wrote that Grammarly quickly and easily makes your writing better.

The revolutionary software has the ability to correct over 250 grammatical errors, to identify and improve poor vocabulary usage, and to catch contextual spelling mistakes. It works wherever online content is written, be it in email software, social media, blogs and forums, and practically anywhere else on the Web.

The secret to Grammarly’s success is its algorithms, which have been developed by the world’s top linguistics authorities. It is the world’s most accurate grammar checker, and with a community of over 4 million writers it is one of the most popular pieces of grammar-checking software available today.


Grammarly is used by over 300,000 students worldwide, and is the leader in support solutions for educators and students alike. Whether for K-12 or higher education, Grammarly is a grammar tool which can enhance your writing experience, and help the development of the essential writing skills you need.

So, even though no piece of software will ever be able to replace the human being’s language skills, we hope our Grammarly review has gotten that point across that using Grammarly is like having an extra pair of eyes reading your text. It catches up to 10 times more mistakes than a regular word processor, and is almost as if you have your very own grammar coach sitting next to you.

Grammarly knows more than any wise old cat.

Grammarly knows more than any wise old cat.

Aside from Grammarly’s superb spellcheck and grammar correction abilities, it provides the user with explanations of the errors on the text, along with examples and alternative phrasing suggestions. A plagiarism detector is also part of the software. Grammarly conveniently combines all the tools a write may need into one product.

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