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One of my friends was struggling with his English writing and as a consequence he was failing some classes at school. I then introduced him to WhiteSmoke grammar checker and now he is sailing along happily, and passing with flying colors.

Why did I tell him to use WhiteSmoke Software?

The answer is simple. He was already using Microsoft Word to write his work, yet it failed to pick up many of his less obvious and grammatically incorrect mistakes. WhiteSmoke is one of the best writing editing systems available with a rate of 80% returning customers, and 95% of errors found and corrected by their software.

My friend was a little hesitant to use WhiteSmoke as it costs money yet I told him it’s worth the price. Their ‘Anywhere Package’ is compatible with computers, tablets, and smartphones. It costs $9.95 monthly, $24.95 quarterly, $79.95 yearly, and is $159.95 for a lifetime.


The package features contextual spelling checker, an advanced grammar checker, punctuation and plagiarism checker, it also improves your writing style, and has a full-text translator. This is the product to use if you want a professional finish to your work. If however, it does not bother you too much and you just want to make sure you don’t have any embarrassing mistakes then download a program such as Grammarly that will check your writing quickly, and efficiently. The best part about it is that it is free.

WhiteSmoke’s ‘Premium Package’ includes all the features of the ‘Anywhere’ package but for an extra cost you can integrate WhiteSmoke with Microsoft Word and Outlook, you receive writing and grammar tutorials, and document and letter templates. Grammarly can also be integrated into Microsoft Word.


The Premium package works on computer, word, outlook, mobile, and tablets. A monthly payment is $14.95, Quarterly $39.95, Yearly $119.95, and Lifetime $299.95. My friend was using WhiteSmoke for essays and assignments so I advised him that it was worth it to get the premium package as it will integrate into Word. I advised him also to try it out first for a month to see if he likes the interface and usability.

Additionally WhiteSmoke offers a free web application that you can use to check spelling, grammar, and writing style. However, there is a character limit. Their interface online is very easy to use, and if you do have any issues, they provide live chat so you can talk to a member of staff for further help.

Once you have created an account with WhiteSmoke, all you have to do is log in and paste your text into the edit window. As with most editing software it will take a few seconds for the software to detect your errors so be patient. Errors will be underlined with colored lines, and when your mouse hovers over the word, explanations for your error, and corrections will pop-up. Click on the correction that you feel is fitting. Grammar mistakes will be underlined in green, style suggestions in blue, and spelling mistakes in red.


WhiteSmoke is best if used by students writing essays, people writing formal business pieces, freelancers, or people learning English as a foreign language who are not used to the spelling rules or grammar rules quite yet.

If you use it while writing informal letters, or simple and short replies to friends on social media, it may get annoying popping up with corrections that don’t fit with what you are writing. Remember it is not a human- it can’t detect what you are doing and if it is something formal or informal. So who wins out from Grammarly vs Whitesmoke? Well, it depends on what you are looking for. Also try out Grammarly, as it works in your browser and can help edit online emails as well as social media updates. Remember: don’t just automatically accept every correction that it offers, make sure it fits with your writing!

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