Ginger Grammar Checker Software, The Best?

Spell Check Vs. Grammar Check

Spellcheckers are everywhere. Integrated software such as autocorrect has changed the way people write and express themselves through text. It boosts people’s confidence along with their ability to write English.

Ginger grammar checker software has it's on your improvement.

Ginger grammar checker software has it’s eye on your improvement.

However, unlike spelling checkers, grammar checkers are few and far between. Grammar is fundamentally different than spelling, since it relies on syntax. Grammatical rules are many and varied, and it takes a special kind of program to correctly identify and fix such errors.

What if you could find an English grammar software program which could act as a proofreader? What if you had the ability to write with complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that no embarrassing grammatical mistakes will be leaving your computer, tablet, or mobile device?

Well, you can forget all about the “what ifs”, because it’s already here! Grammar Checker, by Ginger Software, may very well be the answer to your linguistic prayers.


Ginger Software’s Grammar Checker will revolutionize the way you write. It is available for Windows, Mac, web browsers, Android, and iOS.

Ginger Grammar Check Features

Some of its features, other than spelling and grammar correction, are:

  • Word prediction – time is of the essence, and Ginger predicts and suggests the next word as you are typing.
  • Text reading – listen to your text red aloud, for those times when you wish to gain a fresh perspective on your written words.
  • Personal Trainer – practice writing and improving your English, with sessions based on your very own previously-made mistakes.
  • Sentence Rephraser – explore alternative ways of phrasing your sentences, and gain vocabulary and clarity in the process.

Ginger Grammar software has made it its objective to remove language barriers, and provides newer, better, and faster ways to communicate. For the Ginger team, it is all about offering an enjoyable writing experience, without forgoing efficiency and productivity.

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