Grammarly vs. WhiteSmoke – Which Is The Best?

Grammarly VS. WhiteSmoke

Update 10/21/2015: Our research has found this extended trial/info on Grammarly (you can also skip to the bottom for the final verdict).

Spell checking software is available for many platforms and devices. Autocorrect has become very common, whether it is used on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.  Grammar checking software, however, is a whole other ball game. It takes a lot more than spell checking to produce good results when writing, and this is where grammar checking software can help you out. This article will briefly discuss the differences between two of our favorite grammar checker software’s, Grammarly Vs Whitesmoke.

Errors in grammar, syntax, context, redundancies – these can all make both you and your writing look sloppy and unprofessional. Writing is a vital skill, and grammar checking software can help you to take it to the next level – to hone it, improve on it, and advance in it. It makes your writing better, instantly, and makes you a better writer in the process.  Two of the finest and most popular spelling and grammar checking programs in the market today are Grammarly and WhiteSmoke:


The software acts as an enhancement platform for writers. It scans the text for adherence to over 250 grammatical rules, checks for possibilities of plagiarism, and suggests alternative spelling and phrasing options.


Logo Grammarly


The Grammarly checker can analyze text which is general, academic, technical, and business-oriented. It provides solutions to errors in syntax and spelling, and also examples of better phrasing and vocabulary usage. Users may also rate and provide feedback by use of a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” icon. Aside from web browser add-ons, there is a plugin for Microsoft’s Office software, which adds Grammarly to Microsoft Outlook and Word.

Grammarly was launched in 2009, and is constantly being updated. In 2013, Grammarly won the TopTenReviews gold award for Best Online Grammar Checker.


This all-in-one English correction program prides itself with being a “world-leading English writing software”. It reviews and proofreads text for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, and structure. It offers translations in over 45 languages, and also has the WhiteSmoke Anywhere feature, allowing you to use the software wherever an internet connection exists. WhiteSmoke is intended for use with computers, tablets, and smartphones, and can easily work with almost any platform with text boxes.

Logo WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a way to make your writing more efficient. It is quick, easy, and user-friendly. The program offers tips for self-improvement, alerts the user to repetition of words, and provides hundreds of letter templates to choose from when composing a letter.

Advantages of Grammarly over WhiteSmoke:

  • More user-friendly and understands different styles so will provide more accurate advice (which is the main thing)
  • Browser extension option
  • Works offline
  • Integrates with Microsoft Word

Advantages of WhiteSmoke over Grammarly:

  • Built-in translator
  • WhiteSmoke Anywhere, allowing use of software regardless of device
  • Provides templates, samples, and writing formats

We pick Grammarly! (it performs better overall)

Click here to visit the official Grammarly website for the latest promotions (compare to white smoke).

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