Poor Grammar Could Keep You Unemployed

You may think that appearing for a job interview with a stain on your shirt is one sure way to be turned down. Yet there is an even more crucial mistake that too many job hunters make; the use of poor spelling and grammar.

Thought You Could Get By Without Grammar? Think Again

Considering that the first contact you ever make with a potential employer is written, it is extremely important to ensure that your spelling and grammar are perfect. In fact there is a good chance you won’t even be called for an interview if your resume is filled with with errors in spelling or basic English grammar rules. First impressions count, and it is extremely difficult to reverse the damage you have made with a poorly written resume or job application.

Your lack of proficiency in writing not only makes you appear unprofessional or uneducated, but it also says a lot about your communication skills. Most jobs require an employee to be an excellent communicator – both verbally and in writing. The majority of work today is done on the computer, whether that’s through emails or writing reports and proposals. If your written communication is not up to scratch, this could have negative repercussions for a business and its clientele.

It doesn’t end there. The use of poor spelling and grammar portray a lazy attitude and lack of attention to detail. No employer wants to hire someone with these traits. Your qualifications and experience will, as a result, be undermined.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-written resume. If you want to be taken seriously the first step to take is ensuring that your writing skills are up to par by using only the best spelling software.

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