Whitesmoke Grammar Checker Review

A grammar checker’s main function is to check for errors in syntax, spelling, and grammar. WhiteSmoke’s grammar checker is simple to use, with a friendly interface. Simplicity is key in such a software, since it is there to aid those who are in need of help to begin with.

WhiteSmoke’s algorithm isn’t perfect, but then again no editor or checker really is. Nothing can truly replace a human proofreader, but WhiteSmoke comes pretty close. It is an all-in-one English writing software, which can help you with issues of structure and style, as well as grammar and spelling. It also has a translation features (useful for over 45 languages!), and is fit to run on computers, tablets, and smart mobile devices.


WhiteSmoke has an added feature most spell and grammar checkers do not have: templates. It offers many samples and formats of commonly used styles – cover letters, resumes, legal documents, finance and business writing, and also academic writing.

One other feature which is really great is WhiteSmoke Anywhere, which allows the user to make use of WhiteSmoke, regardless of any device. If there is an internet connection available, WhiteSmoke will be there to help you out and improve your writing.

WhiteSmoke will go the extra mile to actually help you avoid future errors, by rating your text. It breaks it down to six categories: sentence structure, sentence length, redundancies, vocabulary, voice (passive/active), and informal expressions. WhiteSmoke provides an overall score which can help you see where your strengths and weaknesses are, in order to help transform you into a better writer.

WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker is one of the best of its kind.

WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker is one of the best of its kind.

WhiteSmoke has several ways of contacting a customer support representative, including telephone and online chat. The WhiteSmoke website FAQ can be of great help, as can the online manual which is one click away.

WhiteSmoke ranks very high in comparison to other proper grammar checker programs. Its ease of use and dependability are what make such it a wonderful tool. WhiteSmoke is used worldwide by writers, students, educators, businesses, and many others.

If you are looking for a program that will not only give you great results, but also help you with future writing assignments, WhiteSmoke is definitely for you. It may not be up to par with a genuine human proofreader or editor, but it is without a doubt a great way to double check your work. WhiteSmoke can help make you a better writer, and it makes sure no embarrassing mistakes remain on your documents.

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