Writer’s Workbench Software Review

Writer’s Workbench is a type of software that was created in order to edit your online writing written work for grammatical errors, incorrect spelling, or improper organization of your work. Based on reviews it seems to be one of the best providers for this service.

However it does come at a high cost ($120 for the package). Yet many argue that the high price is well-worth it. It makes sense: people are willing to spend more on their software, constantly working to enhance it and make it better, if they make more money.

Writer's Workbench

Writer’s Workbench

This kind of software is good for usage in the classroom where you are teaching grammar and spelling rules. This is because it gives in-depth, detailed reports about your mistakes and lets you decide what to change rather than giving you one option to change it to like Grammarly does. Other editing software will only teach users how to click a button to fix their problem, rather than teach them about their mistake and how they could eliminate mistakes like that from their work in future. Writer’s Workbench lets you decided, and teaches you to think critically for yourself.

After deciding on a suitable correction for your work the system will make you re-run the analysis of your writing until it decides that your writing is acceptable and up to a high standard. Like a good teacher, the system will push you but only to help make you better.

The program comes with 26 different analysis that students can use to enhance their writing and improve the overall quality of their work. These different analysis can include checking your work for readability, checking it for grammar or punctuation errors, and just doing a simple spell-check.

The software I must say does look a little out-dated and it is a learning curve to learn how to use it efficiently. They have multiple tutorials online, and excellent customer support to help you when you get stuck. Take some time to get accustomed to the way it works before you use it. If you find it impossible to navigate, then try out a free editing service – our Grammarly review runs through pros and cons of this software. However it will not give you as much depth and analysis into your mistakes as Writer’s Workbench will do.

At the moment Writer’s Workbench only works on Microsoft Windows with their Microsoft Word Program, but the company is trying their hardest to get it running for Mac computers too. Grammarly is compatible with all computers and tablets.

Writer’s Workbench Review

Unlike other grammar editing and essay software, Writer’s Workbench is only compatible with Microsoft Word, and not with internet browsers or mobile devices. This makes sense as it is used more commonly for writing essays, documents, or doing school-work, rather than spell-checking an email or social media update.

Writers Workbench

Writers Workbench

This sort of software would not be recommended for people who work on a busy schedule such as business people who just need to proof-read a document before sending it on to their boss. It is suitable for teachers, authors, newspaper editors, and those learning English as a second language.

If you fall into any of those categories then it is well-worth looking into this software and downloading it if you feel it will be able to benefit you.

Let us know how it goes!

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