DIY Macbook Skins Explained: Mac It Your Own!

Apple products are not necessarily known for their personalization. Customization isn’t necessarily what attracts people to Apple – folks want to feel like they own a piece of trendy Apple hardware, not some other miscellaneous junk. This is probably part of what makes their items so very popular: superb quality and globally-recognized merit. ‘Mac’ is short for Macintosh, which was the name of the original Apple computer from 1984. In 1998, it was re-branded Mac, and has remained Mac ever since.

The MacBook – a notebook version of the computer – was first manufactured in 2006. It went on hiatus in 2012, and then made a comeback (which is still going on) in 2015. It is the best-selling Mac ever created, and it continues to be the gold standard by which many (if not all) notebook computers are judged. Like other Apple products, the Macbook is relatively straightforward and not build to be customized, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some DIY fun with it to give it your own flavor! Let’s get into it.

Why DIY For MacBooks


MacBook DIY Wooden Skin Decal

As I said, I feel that personalizing your Mac is part of what makes it your computer, you know? It does for me, anyway. Some purchase MacBook accessories at Apple stores or computer equipment shops. However, there is also the more cost-effective (not to mention immensely more satisfying) method of making a skin, decal, or case of your very own. Looking for a way to pimp your Mac? Keep on reading.

DIY MacBook Skin Ideas


Marble Contact Paper For MacBook DIY

So, skins can be applied to the back of the screen, to the bottom of the device, and to the keyboard pad itself. Whether it is one or all three, what you need to remember is precision. You have to be accurate in your measurements and your execution if it is to fit properly. Also, make sure the material you buy can be removed with as little hassle as possible.

Skins are generally light, durable, easy to apply and remove, and are a lot of fun. Store-bought skins are fine, but why not choose a design that nobody else in the world has? Now that is personalization.

If you are printing out a skin, choose an image with high resolution, and purchase some A4 self-adhesive vinyl. Contact paper with a design already on it can also work. Whatever it is – make it happen for you.

DIY MacBook Decal Ideas


Lion King MacBook Decal

Decals are also a ton of fun, and they don’t have that all-encompassing vibe which a skin does. Decals and stickers can be used for decorating your Mac, and they are also wonderful ways to protect and personalize your computer.

Again, you can buy decals at a shop, but it is more fun to create your own. For this decoration, you will need self-adhesive printing paper or black and clear contact paper, along with an image of your choosing. It’s the same idea as with the skin, really, but it is more localized. As long as it is mostly lines, you will be fine. Some decals are small and highly effective, normally making use of Apple’s light-up logo. You’ll be amazed at how much cooler your experience becomes, with a nice looking decal of an Imperial AT-AT on the back of your computer!

Cut the image out of the black contact paper, stick the black onto the clear paper, then stick the whole thing on your computer.

DIY MacBook Case Ideas


DIY MacBook Case

Portable computer cases are always good to have, and when you are talking about an expensive computer like a MacBook, it is a real necessity. It protects your computer while giving it a kind of style. As with the previous two items, it is possible to purchase cases (hard and soft) from a store. However, you can also try and make one yourself, which is more cost-efficient, and more unique. This is especially true if you choose to recycle.

MacBook cases and sleeves are awesome, and you can make them out of pretty much anything. If you have an old pair of jeans or a faded sweater, it can become a laptop case in no time. Recycling is a lot of fun, but you can also choose to buy materials specifically for the purpose of protecting your Mac. Whatever floats your boat.

A sleeve, a pouch, a case. Whatever it is, you can make it on your own, and it can cost you a lot less! You take a few fabrics of your choice, use felt, fleece, carpet material, or another fabric as padding – and sew it all together with a sewing machine. Take care to use proper padding and correct dimensions, because this baby is meant to be your computer’s protector.

Like I said, personal style and grade-A efficiency. This is what your personal involvement will probably guarantee. Feel free to use the wide world of video tutorials which is at your disposal. You aren’t the first or last to show an interest in DIY MacBook stuff. And anything worth doing is worth doing well, so if you care about your MacBook, do it right!


Being able to express yourself is part of what all of these technological advances are all about. People are constantly looking for ways to set themselves apart. Not in a bad or egocentric kind of way, but rather in a way which helps to project themselves to the outside world. People personalize their computer equipment in the same way that you would choose to wear a Led Zeppelin or Breaking Bad T-shirt. A means of knowing and of being known.

It is always more fun to do these kinds of little projects on your own, but it can also be challenging. It is something which you can take your time with, have fun with, and eventually be proud of. It may take 5 years or 5 minutes, but it is yours. Your creation. That says something!

For those who don’t want the same old gray/silver/gold Apple finishes, this can be a chance to make something awesome. However, it doesn’t stop at computer cases, skins, and decals. A keyboard, a mouse, a pair of speakers – basically any computer-related device can also be personalized to a great degree, and provide you with a better way of experiencing the digital world and interfacing with those around you. Always look to DIY!

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