VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Review

When my boy was about 7-8 months old, my folks showed up for a visit from the other side of the country. They told me “watch and see. You’ll be running after this little blonde hurricane in no time”. They were right.

They came baring gifts. Earrings for the Mrs., a new survival knife for me (I am fond of the outdoors), and a walker for the kid. At that time, he was busying himself with crawling and semi-stable sitting, but we could tell that he will be zooming about in no time. This toy was a big step in that direction. The kid was nuts about it.

This Is Our VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Review:

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is a colorful little toy. You can use it open or flat, depending on the age and state of the baby. The entire playing panel is removable, and it makes for hours of fun.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker standing

This walker is an interactive tool, which encourages the baby to use his hands and get creative, way before it encourages any actual walking to take place. With piano keys, rollers, gears, and noises to occupy the little doodle’s eyes and mind, you can see how babies are simply absorbed and mesmerized by it. It was so much fun to watch my kid explore this walker over time. I am still using it, this time with his brother.

There is a lot to do with this walker. It engages the baby in all kinds of ways, and makes sure that no physical sense is left untouched. Not even smell, if your baby likes sniffing his toys. And let’s face it, who doesn’t? Anyway, there are lots of different textures, sounds, and even lights to explore. They are all a part of this walker’s wonderful advantages. Babies can park themselves in front of this thing, and become busy for quite some time. Which, of course, translates itself into a breath of fresh air for us parents.

There are two speeds to this walker. Depending on the baby’s age and progress, as well as the floor in question (carpet, wood, what have you), you can adjust the walker to fit the surroundings. The speed dial adjusts at one of the back wheels, and the slower speed setting renders the toy much more difficult to maneuver. This is a setting for slippery floors, too-quick-to-catch kids, and any other situations where you would want the toy, and the kid using it, to remain more grounded. There are kids of all kinds, of course, but I found that the walker remains in place, even if the kid is pushing hard. It barely moves on the slower setting.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Features

When the baby is a bit older, the telephone handset comes more into play, as do the gears, wheels, and different shapes which come with it. Note that the telephone set is not attached by string, like other parts of this walker. The handset itself comes out, so you may want to look out for that particular item. It is a prime candidate for getting lost, and spending many days and nights under the couch!

The Sit-to-Stand Walker is powered by 2 AA batteries, and let me tell you something you may already know – unless you want to spend half of your time looking for replacements, you should use good batteries. And by ‘good’, I mean alkaline or rechargeable. Anything else will probably not last too long, and then it is just a constant race against the clock.

Officially, this toy is meant for babies 9 months old to 3-year-old toddlers. Unofficially, babies younger than 9 months can totally get into this walker, and enjoy its many activities. Also, I can attest firsthand to the fact that even grownups above the age of 30 can still find this walker highly entertaining! Who needs an x-box, anyway?

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker sitting

“You have to crawl before you walk”. You know what? People have been saying that since time immemorial. And, they have a point. Crawling is a great stage, because it is the time when the baby is really moving around, but not running around. Big difference. My previous ‘baby parking’ statement notwithstanding, the walker doesn’t stop the baby from exploring his surroundings. That is part of what is so much fun about it. It isn’t stationary, or rather, it doesn’t have to be. Again, the speed settings can be changed.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Learning Tools

Babies who are more active with their crawling and moving, will find that this walker is up to the task, and that it compliments their devil-may-care, livin’-on-the-edge lifestyle. It is a great way for a baby to learn more about the world around them, without moving too much. In a sense, with the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker, you are bringing the proverbial mountain to Mohamad, by providing your little guy or gal with many different sights, sounds, and surfaces to mess around with.

Some of the walker’s individual parts come out of their sockets, and when they are reinserted, the toy lights up and repeats the name of the shape in question.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

The walker comes with two volume settings, which is also an important thing. Sometimes, you just need some quiet. Furthermore, there are two settings of play: music mode and learning mode, each with its own set of sounds and interactive games.

When the time does come to start walking, the baby is encouraged to walk around by the variety of melodies and sounds, which are activated as the walker is pushed. When our little guy started walking, the walker was put to great use.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Verdict

Yes, my parents were right. He was running around the apartment in no time, and we had to come up with better ways of babyproofing. And when the baby gets even older, crossing into toddlerhood, the walker can still provide hours of fun, teaching your little one about animals, colors, and numbers.


All in all, it is a great walker. Sturdy, durable, and fun. If you do decide to go with this one, you will not be disappointed. It comes highly recommended, and I can tell you that I watched my older one play with for months, and I plan on watching his brother play with the very same toy, and learn how to follow in the footsteps of his older brother.

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