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RightWriter, by Elite Minds, Inc., is a grammar correction software. It was released in 2008, and has since been through several updates.

Elite Minds, Inc. develops educational and self-help tools. The company specializes in the production and distribution of multimedia products, and is focused on research and development of future projects.

Some of Elite Minds, Inc.’s products are:

  • Speed Reader X – a speed reading trainer used by schools and individuals.
  • UltraMind Improvement Studio – a course on comprehension and memory skills.
  • Speak English like a Genius – a video-based grammar course, which teaches simple tricks to help avoid grammatical errors.

Grammar Checker Software Review

RightWriter scans the contents of a document, and provides suggestions meant to enhance the writing and make it clearer, more concise, and more powerful.

Try a grammar check software to avoid embarrasing mistakes.

Try a grammar check software to avoid embarrassing mistakes

Is RightWriter the best grammar check software? Well for starters, it identifies doubled words, punctuation errors, capitalization mistakes, missed quotation marks, and other mechanical errors, all without you having to read anything. Unlike spell checkers, that solely search for spelling mistakes, Grammar checkers search for grammatical mistakes based on a complex algorithm. Elite Minds, Inc. is so sure of their product that they provide users with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Now Featuring, RightWriter’s Features:

  • SmartGrammar™ Analysis Engine
  • Grammar checking for over 5000 rules
  • Advanced spell checking, including over 400,000 words
  • Detection of more than 25,000 writing errors
  • Punctuation verification
  • Syntax evaluation
  • Writing strength checker
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word, as well as other word processors and programs
  • Jargon index
  • Text statistics
  • Word score
  • Sentence structure recommendation

RightWriter is a grammar check tool for general writers, as well as professionals. Whether writing a business report, a technical manual, or a suspense novel – RightWriter’s unique grammar checking software is by your side, offering advice and improving your writing as you, well, write. It doesn’t offer translations, nor does it have a thesaurus, which is a shame. Such features would have bumped this kind of program up a notch.

What your RightWriter experience could look like.

What your RightWriter experience could look like.

The software does not require internet access, nor does it constantly run in the background. It doesn’t slow down the computer’s CPU or use up a lot of RAM. Start it when you need it, use it, then shut it down until the next time.

RightWriter does not use auto-correct. It proofreads, but gives the user complete control over the text. RightWriter does not insert itself into any other software in your computer. It utilizes the copy/paste function, or loads text files right into the main screen. For those who have trouble with the software, an extensive guide is provided. There is also the option of submitting a support ticket via their website. The support crew usually responds within several hours or less, but during busier times, such as weekends, response time may be up to 48 hours.

This program has no trial version, but the Elite Minds, Inc. website does have a demonstration video. It is compatible with Windows XP and up, both in 32 bit and 64 bit versions. At the time of the writing of this review, buyers of the software will also receive the Speak English like a Genius video course, as well as William J Strunk’s eBook Elements of Style. The eBook summarizes the most common grammar errors, and provides easy ways to avoid making them.

RightWriter is available online as a digital download for $29.95. It is also available as a download and physical CD for $29.95 plus $5.95 for shipping and handling. The physical CD option is available only to U.S. addresses.

 My Personal Experience

The feature which automatically caught my eye is RightWriter’s user-friendly interface. It is easy to use and very accommodating. It gives the user a straightforward, hassle-free, grammar-checking software experience.

I copied a 500-word document that I had written in Microsoft Word, fired up the software, and then pasted the text in the main window using the “paste” button. The text was pasted perfectly, however during further evaluations of the copy/paste tool I noticed an occasional formatting issue. RightWriter has some trouble with certain kinds of formatting.

I then clicked on “analyze”, and within seconds I was able to spot all of my errors in a separate tab. RightWriter does not overwrite your original document, which is also a very important feature.

The analysis consists of two main parts, represented by two separate tabs. The first tab is the results of the analysis, where the text is color coded according to error. Advice is given on each of the errors, and one disadvantage is that there is no “ignore all” feature available, leaving the author to individually click ignore on whatever he, or she, wishes.

The second tab is made up of  several summary graphs, which indicate the overall readability of the document. They are very helpful, and with them, the user can gauge the clarity of the document, and consider making alterations in the text, leaving it all in your hands.

RightWriter also provides an explanation of the actual error, in case the user does not understand the meaning of it. This is a wonderful tool, because it makes the user an active participant in the corrections. Unlike your average spell check or auto-correct, which gives you the option to fix your mistake without reason, leaving the author to wonder what was wrong in the first place and not learn from his, or her, grammatical mistake.

The creators of RightWriter guarantee that a user’s grammar will improve within 30 days of using the software, and it is easy to see how Elite Minds, Inc. can afford to make this claim. When using RightWriter, the user gets an idea of what needs fixing in a very simple way. This is not the most sophisticated software available on the market today, but for the average user it can certainly work wonders, and improve the user’s quality of grammar and overall writing.

Teaching an “Old Dog” New Tricks

Its “older” kind of interface could be an advantage for some, and a disadvantage for others. Personally, I enjoy the ease of use, and I do not view it as something that should knock down the score for a grammar analysis tool, sometimes simpler is better, and for learning, I definitely think this is the case.

It's so easy to use, you could teach an old dog how to use RightWriter

It’s so easy to use, you could teach an old dog how to use RightWriter

After all, some of the users who are in need of this kind of software are ones who are having trouble with the English language in the first place. To me, this grammar checking software’s benefits lie in relative simplicity.

The program found several syntax errors in my document, and I chose to correct two of them in the original document. I then recopied and pasted the edited text into the screen, and reanalyzed. After I was satisfied with the analysis, I clicked on the second tab and went through the various graphs. My text was highly readable and not at all difficult to comprehend, if I say so myself. No further changes were necessary, as far as I was concerned, and I was able to close the software, confident in my written text’s quality and grammatical integrity.

For a piece of software that is only $29.95, RightWriter certainly delivers. It is a fast, easy, and relatively reliable English grammar check software that allows you to stay on top of your documents, and make sure no embarrassing mistakes slip through your keyboard’s cracks.

My Score – 8/10

RightWriter is a strong alternative for anyone seeking a grammar check tool. Like any other grammar checker, it cannot catch every single mistake. Even the most advanced checkers do not guarantee a 100% success rate. However, it is quick, easy, and affordable. What’s more, it can improve your spelling and grammar almost immediately, which is something Elite Minds, Inc. do guarantee.

I took off a couple of points, due to the missing thesaurus and dictionary, but otherwise, this is a solid grammar check option for those short on a budget and in need of some quick learning!

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