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Microsoft Virtual Academy: DevOps

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DevOps entails operations and development engineers working together throughout the lifecycle of a project, from design through development to production. Want to learn all about this important area of computers? Check out Microsoft Virtual Academy: DevOps and read all about this great course in our new EduMuch feature.

Microsoft Virtual Academy: Business Intelligence

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Developing strong Business Intelligence skills is an absolutely vital aspect of running a strong business, and Microsoft can help with that by virtue of its Microsoft Virtual Academy: Business Intelligence Course. Some people have the gift of business-foresight, while others possess sheer luck. For the rest of us, we can work to develop business intelligence […]

Microsoft Virtual Academy: Virtualization

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Virtualization essentially means running two or more operating systems on one physical machine. Using virtualization, IT professionals can provide support and assistance from anywhere to anywhere (and anyone), using a network of host and guest machines. In business, virtual machines are used by those with partners all over the world, and they help save time […]

Microsoft Virtual Academy: Visual Studio


Want to learn all about one of the most useful and practical visual effect and design applications for computers available on the market? You’ve come to the right place here at EduMuch! Visual Studio offers developers a world of options and opportunities. With every new edition, newer features become available to designers and coders.