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Security is a very fluid thing. If, some years ago, a company’s system administrator could state that there is some sort of a safe perimeter which is under his control – a kind of sterile environment – the advent of smartphones and the mobile-driven office has thrown all of that out the window.

Keep your info safe

Keep your info safe

There was a time where an enterprise would be a physical location. A place with a mainframe, a server, a network, something along those lines. These days, employees are logging into their work environments from their home computers, mobile phones, handheld tablets, and other devices. Safe perimeter? Sterile environment? No such thing.

There are 18 different courses on enterprise security within Microsoft Virtual Academy’s (MVA) ‘IT professionals’ section. These courses go back to 2012, with more courses added as recently as October, 2015. These courses are all about ways and means of keeping data secure. The courses on enterprise security also act as prep courses for those who are about to sit for their Microsoft certification examinations.

Examples of the top courses are the basics of security, defense in a Windows 8.1 environment, identity and access in Windows Server 2012, and System Center 2012: Data Protection Manager (DPM).

Course Review: Security Fundamentals

One of the most popular courses in that section is Security Fundamentals, instructed by Christopher Chapman and Thomas Willingham. This is a Level 100 course, meant for beginners. It is for anyone interested in network security, but it also acts as an excellent prep course for those who are about to sit for their Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification exams. This course corresponds with exam 98-367: Security Fundamentals.

Instructor Christopher Chapman

Instructor Christopher Chapman

The topics covered in this course are:

  • Understanding Security Layers
  • Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
  • Understanding Security Policies
  • Understanding Network Security
  • Protecting the Server and Client
Instructor Thomas Willingham

Instructor Thomas Willingham

This course is worth 45 points, and it runs approximately five hours. It includes five modules, and has five assessment examinations. This way, the student can gauge his or her success. There are also slides and screenshots available, for an easier learning process. This course is rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Willingham is Content Developer and Technical Product Manager responsible for Microsoft Desktop Virtualization solution and products. He looks after the technical content and readiness for Remote Desktop Services, Desktop Virtualization, Azure RemoteApp and the Remote Desktop clients.

Chapman is Content Project Manager for Microsoft Learning, and an IT consultant with many certifications (Microsoft and others). Chapman has years of experience with deploying, maintaining, and optimizing networks of all sizes. He is an instructor and director of instruction.

Course Review: Security in the Enterprise

Another very popular course is Security in the Enterprise, instructed by Simon May and Erdal Ozkaya. This course is for those who wish to find out how cybercriminals operate. A good security professional knows that in order to provide the best possible defense, one must learn to think like a hacker. In this course, our duo of experts guides students through the ever-changing and increasingly-sophisticated virtual battlefield of enterprise security. The course provides tips, tricks, and very practical advice on better defending your system.

Gain a better understanding of the security landscape

Gain a better understanding of the security landscape

The topics covered in this course are:

  • The security landscape of today and tomorrow
  • Tips and practical advice on social media security
  • Advanced Windows defense
  • Free tools to protect your Windows environment
  • Information on vulnerability and patch management
  • Top mitigation methods to protect your enterprise

This course has no prerequisites, but it has a Level 200 status. It is meant for IT professionals with at least six months of experience. It is worth 66 points, and runs approximately five hours. It has six modules and six assessment exams. The course is rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Erdal is an IT Security Guru with business development and management skills, who focuses on Penetration Testing, IT Auditing, and sharing his real life skills as a Lecturer/ Trainer. He is currently working as Chief Information Security Officer at EMT, a specialist IT security products distributor.

Erdal has the following qualifications: Master of Information Systems Security (M.I.S), Bachelor of Information Technology (B.I.T.), MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Leaning Consultant, ISO27001 Consultant, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Ethical Instructor, and Licenced Penetration Tester. He is a lecturer at Charles Sturt University and is also completing his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in IT Security.

May is a Technical Evangelist and Enterprise Device Infrastructuralist at Microsoft. He is an author, speaker, blogger, video and keynote presenter. He is very passionate about Windows, Microsoft Client, and Cloud technologies.

These days, more than ever before, it is essential to be able to prevent attacks and defend your system. It is true for individuals, as well as large companies and enterprises. Data is everywhere, and it is up to IT security personnel to keep it safe and secure. Microsoft provides a wide range of tools for those who wish to remain secure, and these training courses will help users harness the power of these tools, and maintain a healthy, risk-free enterprise.

While no one can guarantee security 100% of the time, by using these techniques and resources the probability of attack and theft is great reduced. Who is to stop hackers and identity stealers from absconding with confidential information? You are. These courses serve as a “heads up” to those who wish to stay on top and be prepared.

Courses on handling security in a cloud-centered workspace, on advanced Microsoft Azure features, and on security in Office 365 – these are all here, at the enterprise security section of MVA. Top industry experts are here to guide you through the best practices and techniques, designed to keep your company’s information safe.

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