Udemy Real Estate courses review

This is one of those investments which you can bank on: a piece of land, along with the buildings and natural resources which inhabit it. Many would consider it the smartest and most solid investment out there.

Buying Property

Buying Property

There are many individuals who have made a business out of buying, flipping, and selling real estate. It is not a bad move, if you know how to pull it off. And Udemy’s experts are going to teach you exactly that: how to make real estate investments happen for you.

The Udemy real estate courses page has over 70 courses on the subject, from a beginner’s introduction to real estate investing, through gaining a status as the best AirBnB around, to real estate financial modeling. The front page features the top free courses, top paid courses, and new courses in the real estate category.

The courses include Real Estate: Guide to Wholesaling a House Fast! ($19), How to Effectively Manage Your Property Portfolio (Free), Become a Real Estate Investor-Learn the Fundamentals ($97), and Virtual Transaction Coordinator for Real Estate Agents ($149).

Flip It

One of Udemy’s most popular real estate videos is Creative Real Estate Investing & Flipping Houses, by Phil Pustejovsky. It has had over 9000 students so far, and boasts a 4.9 out of 5 star rating. This course, unlike other ones which are about the basics, advertises itself as “what most people will never know about investing in real estate”. Pustejovsky merely requires his students to have an open mind, a good attitude, and strong listening skills. These are the course requirements. Nothing else is needed. The course costs only $9, and it has 13 hours of content taught over 68 lectures. The course is meant for beginner investors, as well as open-minded investors who already know the business.

Pustejovsky is a speaker, author, and accomplished investor. He is a coach and mentor in the real estate world, and he has been featured in MoneyWatch, Wall St. Journal’s MarketWatch, and Yahoo! Finance. He has had a hand in over 1,000 real estate investments in the last 10 years, and has been guiding people to financial freedom by using his own techniques and strategies.

Good Communication is Key

Good Communication is Key

During the course, Pustejovsky shares his secrets and pearls of wisdom from years of real estate experience. Students also receive a free copy of his book, “How to be a Real Estate Investor”.

For Further Information..

With the help of the course, the student will be able to determine if real estate is the right career path. This is the case regardless of the student’s financial status or previous knowledge. In his lectures, Pustejovsky divulges information in a clear and concise manner, and teaches his students what works and what doesn’t work.

Real Estate

Real Estate

A handful of reviewers stated that there isn’t enough information given throughout the course, but hundreds of their fellow students disagree.

Udemy has several categories related to real estate. These include finance, home business, entrepreneurship, and communications. Students who are looking for courses on real estate, could definitely benefit from the Udemy courses on the related topics as well.

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