Top-10 KSG Accessories

The Kel-Tec KSG is one of the more innovative firearms ever developed. Using a unique, bullpup design and measuring just 26.1 inches in length – remarkably short, for a shotgun – the KSG has made waves in the gun world for being both daring and effective as a shotgun. Representing the first entry for the gun manufacturing company into the shotgun market – they have focused their efforts in the past on developing handguns and rifles – Kel-Tec has been praised for daring to challenge conventional thinking and makeup when it comes to shotgun development. The popularity and widespread use of the gun has given way to an extensive KSG accessories market, which allows for KSG owners to customize and accessorize the KSG to their hearts content. Accessories are a great way for gun owners to specialize and personalize the gun experiences offered by firearms that are usually made for the sake of carrying broad appeal. Of the huge number of KSG accessories available, there are some definite highlights, all of which we have listed below in this, our Top-10 KSG Accessories feature:

Kel-Tec KSG Accessories

  1. Offered by Hi-Tech Custom Concepts, the Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun Decelerator Recoil Reduction Pad Slip-On recoil pad easily slips onto the back of the KSG shotgun in order to reduce recoil. Made of recoil absorbing rubber, the slip-on pad helps reduce wear and injury caused by recoil, particularly in less-experienced shooters or shooters who are lacking in strength to compensate for kick. Although the KSG recoil, or kick, is relatively manageable for a shotgun, the slip-on pad will take things to another level, making for a smoother, easier KSG experience.Decelerator Recoil Reduction Pad Slip-On recoil pad
  2. Safety is one of the foremost factors considered when looking into gun accessories. Many KSG owners use their shotgun not only for recreational purposes, but for self-defense and home-defense purposes. Given the fact that most situations in which defense is necessary – both while carrying or at home – occur at night, a flashlight or attachment light is a handy accessory for the KSG. Mounted onto the gun, lights can illuminate a target to make for a safer, more secure gun experience.flashlights
  3. Speaking of lights, the Kel-Tec KSG Billet Mini Side Angle Rail for Flashlights by Hi-Tech Custom Concepts is a handy rail that allows for tactical lights to be mounted in different ways. Weighing in at just 1.2 ounces, the rail is lightweight yet sturdy, accommodating lights on the side of the barrel and allowing for flashlights to stay on the KSG while charging. The rail features an easy-to-use, clamp design that does not require any protruding screws or other material for securing.Kel-Tec KSG Billet Mini Side Angle Rail for Flashlights
  4. For KSG owners who want a little bit more control and security while handling, the Billet Lower Picatinny Rail w/Hi-Tech Vert Grip is an excellent option. Sliding right over the stock plastic lower rail via flush mounting set screws, the length is exactly as required, as the back end curves to clear the mag release switch. Utilizing light weight billet aluminum, the rail prevents plastic rail breakages via the included vert grip, and makes for an overall improved KSG experience.Billet Lower Picatinny Rail w.Hi-Tech Vert Grip
  5. Another accessory handle that can enhance the grip comfort of a KSG owner is the “Striker” pump grip handle by Hi-Tech Custom Concepts. Attaching to the pump grid with flush mounting screws, the striker handle accommodates hands in a more natural manner than the bare-bones stock pump, especially considering the fact that the pump will not feel the same in terms of comfort to hands of different sizes. The pump channels are holed and milled out to maximize weight reduction, meaning that despite the high-quality build of the handle, it won’t add much weight to the weapon at just 5-ounces.“Striker” pump grip handle
  6. The KSG Extended Butt-Pad is the first party, KSG-made recoil reducing pad. Designed to replace the existing rubber butt-pad on the KSG to reduce felt recoil, this recoil pad is made of a hybrid viscoelastic polymer (HVP) which is a vulcanized, cross-linked rubber material. What that means is, it’s well made, as opposed to some of the other cheaper, rubberized materials gun owners are used to finding in recoil-reduction pads. A great option for owners who are willing to spend a little more to ensure quality recoil reduction.KSG Extended Butt-Pad
  7. Some KSG owners really want to line up their shots properly, even given the limited nature in terms of range of shotguns. Although they don’t fire well from a distance, the KSG does have decent range for a shotgun, especially when considering the bullpup design and length of the weapon. The KSG Kydex Cheek Rest, made by Kel-Tec, offers a comfortable and high-quality cheek rest for owners of this firearm who want more precise aim and comfort while shooting.KSG Kydex Cheek Rest
  8. The KSG single point sling attachment helps secure slings for the KSG, which makes for easier carrying. Slings are always a safer, easier way to carry firearms, the KSG being no exception. The Kel-Tec manufactured sling attachment kit includes both a left side and a right side point sling attachment to accommodate every kind of shooter. Kel-Tec offers a nylon sling as well to pair with this kit.KSG single point sling attachment
  9. Although Kel-Tec has been lauded for the build quality of its weapons, there have been some criticisms of the stock frame pins that are included with the KSG. The shortness of the factory pins can make take down and disassembly of the weapon a somewhat tedious process. The KSG tactical frame pin kit includes two tactical frame pins that include a quarter of an inch longer head that allows for far easier take-down of the weapon than can be accomplished while using the stock pins.KSG tactical frame pin kit
  10. The dual tubes of the KSG shotgun allow for different kinds of ammunition to be loaded and used from the same firearm, which is great. However, one shortcoming of this feature is that the user needs to move their hands to engage the tube change, which means that a hand needs to be taken off the grip, potentially compromising the user. KSG extended tube-position arms allow for tube changes to take place without hands ever being moved off of the grip. It’s easy to see why they’re a practical and popular accessory to the KSG.KSG extended tube-position arms


The Kel-Tec KSG and its revolutionary design has changed the way people view shotguns. Kel-Tec did an incredible job of changing the shotgun game with the KSG, but individuals still love customizing and fine-tuning their shotguns in order to suit their specific needs. Check out the extensive range of KSG accessories available today and find what works best for you!

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