Study Manual for TEAS Version 5

“I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse.” ~Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale

Ms. Nightingale is a legend among our profession. Her book “Notes on Nursing: What is it and What it is not” set the standards on how to care for others, ever since it was published back in 1859. If Florence herself never gave any excuses, then we would do well to learn from her example and take no prisoners when it comes to studying for the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) exam. With the help of the Study Manual for TEAS 5th Version, you will be able to give yourself the best possible odds for acceptance into top programs. If I could do it, so can you!

Busy with family, work, and other such obligations? Of course I can empathize with your situation, but that is no excuse to approach the TEAS without adequate preparation. This multiple-choice, standardized test is used by nursing schools throughout the United States in determining acceptance to their programs, much like the SAT or ACT for admission to undergraduate colleges. And if you are interested in entering the rigorous, challenging, but ultimately rewarding world of nursing, you would do well to hit the ground running and ace this entrance exam.

Why You Should Buy the Study Manual for TEAS Version 5

The Study Manual for the TEAS 5th Version by Amanda Wolkowitz contains more than 300 pages worth of preparatory information. It was published in 2009, to reflect the newest version of this exam. (Please note that as of August 2016, an even newer version of the test will be released. For students taking the test before then, you will be sticking with the TEAS V test.)

Hitting the Books

Hitting the Books

This study guide reviews relevant topics across the areas of English, reading, math, and science – the four topics covered on the test. Naturally, different topics come easier to different people, so it is important to have a good self-awareness and understand your particular difficulties and assets in regards to studying. It is possible to make up for one less-than-ideal score by excelling on the other three sections, but that said, you should still focus your efforts on whatever proves to be the most difficult for you.

The section of this book dealing with English focuses strongly on grammar, and for me personally I found this to be the least challenging section. The practice questions were fairly straightforward and self-explanatory. The reading section gives explanations and samples of what you will encounter in regards to reading comprehension, something which once again doesn’t come to me with too much difficulty.

Math and science are a bit more challenging for me, and so I spent the most time dealing with these two sections. I wish the book had focused a bit more on using graphs and data, something which I needed to know for the test itself. The science section was pretty comprehensive, and spanned a wide range and variety of the types of questions you will see on your exam. Anatomy, physiology, microbiology, scientific reasoning, chemistry… nursing is quite obviously a heavily scientifically-based field, but just because you may find science challenging, does not mean that you won’t succeed. Rather, if there is enough of a will, and you work as hard as you possibly can and put in your full effort – you can and will achieve your dream of becoming a nurse!

Study Manual for TEAS

Study Manual for TEAS

Before buying this book, I had checked out a couple of other, older edition review books at my library, and they were simply out of date. Normally I’m someone who wouldn’t mind saving the extra money and buying an older edition, but the issue with these review books is that older ones just don’t cover a lot of the necessary information while at the same time using up space to cover outdated material. You’ll already be spending so much money on your nursing degree that it is well worth the price of this book – about $40 on Amazon – to really work the odds in your favor and ensure the best possible score on your exam.

Breakdown of TEAS V Exam

The TEAS V test consists of 170 multiple choice questions, with four possible answers given for each item. However, only 150 of these questions are actually scored, with the remaining 20 not being counted towards the final grade. The test is given through either a paper-and-pen or computerized option.

The test covers English, reading, math, and science questions, with the following breakdown by time and subject:

  • English and Language Usage: 34 Questions in 34 Minutes
  • Reading: 48 Questions in 58 Minutes.
  • Mathematics: 34 Questions in 51 Minutes
  • Science: 54 Questions in 66 Minutes
The test is typically taken in computerized form

Testing Day

If you are taking the computerized version of this exam, when you arrive at the testing center, you will create a username and password on I strongly recommend arriving at the center at least half an hour before your actual test time, in order to grant yourself opportunity to settle in and get acclimated. Plus, rushing to arrive on time and potentially encountering traffic or other setbacks on your way to the test would only seek to further any testing anxiety you may be feeling.

Once you are ready to take the exam, you will receive 2 pencils, 5 blank sheets of paper (any notes you write on these sheets will be collected at the end of the exam), and noise blocking headphones from the exam proctor. You’ll be asked to leave your phone, keys, and/or bags in the proctor’s office, and no food or calculators are allowed inside the computer lab itself. When you are seated at a desk, leave your photo ID atop your desk for the duration of the test.

Your computer screen will have a timer at the top to help you keep track of how many minutes you have left. Since the test is timed, it is recommended to only use the restroom in between sections since this way the clock won’t be ticking (though you are allowed to leave for restroom breaks at any time during the exam). After you complete the exam and turn in your scrap paper, you will receive a printout copy of your scores. And there’s no reason to worry… since you’ll already have done your studying with the help of this review book, I hope and imagine that you will be very pleased with your scores, indeed!

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