The Future of Homeschooling

Man, did I hate school. I mean hate it with a passion. Ever since about 6th grade, I realized that this sort of rigid framework of studies, grades, and tests was not for me. There was one silver lining, which was my English classes. I actually enjoyed, and still do enjoy, reading and writing. Penmanship was a drag, and my handwriting still looks like a four-year-old’s, but altogether some classes were really beneficial.

My parents both worked full time when I was at school, so there was no chance of me being homeschooled by them. It was probably a lot more difficult back in those days than it is now. Technology in general, and the internet in particular, have blown this contest wide open folks. It has given parents – those who are so inclined, at any rate – the ways, means, and tools to properly teach their homeschooled children. Even if you think there is no way you could teach your child the math which you hated as a kid, you may find that things are a lot easier than you thought.

Some parents who opt out of the system and decide to homeschool their children, are finding that they are not making it work. More often than not, the parent/teacher will burn out, and before long the child will find him or herself back in the clutches of the school system.

Some schools are good, obviously. There are exceptions to every rule. However, I feel that if you made the decision to homeschool your children, you should at least make a serious effort and attempt to do it right.

Done right, homeschooling can be a wonderful experience for both the child and the parent. Through the comfort and wonder that is modern technology, it is now easier than ever.

The Future of Homeschooling: Thanks Internet!

The internet allows you to access all of the information required to homeschool properly. Of course, you need to know which resources are genuine and which are garbage, but once you get past that hurdle, you may find that the world – and the ability to teach your child the ways of that world – is right at your fingertips. There are several methods and schools of thought within the world of homeschooling, and technology can make every one of them a lot simpler. Whether you are teaching in a “school at home” environment, or whether you support the more liberal “unschooling” movement – the internet can help you out in a lot of ways. There are online curriculums, teachers, courses, and forums dedicated to the idea and philosophy of homeschooling.

Homeschooling combines a parents nurturing with teaching for the perfect blend of education.

Homeschooling combines a parents nurturing with teaching for the perfect blend of education.

With so many parents being disappointed and disheartened with the school system in the US, it is no wonder that people are turning to a more traditional way of bringing up children. After all, homeschooling was around way before public or private schoolhouses were ever thought up.

There is that classic phrase: “if you want something done right, you better do it yourself.” Teaching your children is a natural and organic process, and a part of parenting. You and your kids have been teaching each other things since day 1.

Schools are only an option. One of several. And with the fast-paced growth of the internet, coupled with all these exciting technological advances being made every single day in almost EVERY field – if you do decide to give homeschooling a chance, you and your child will be able to get a lot out of it.

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