Udemy Apple courses review – office productivity

Apple has revolutionized the way we interact. It reinvented itself in the late 1990’s, and has never looked back. With each year, each new product, Apple displays a strong and constant discipline of innovation and advancement that is unparalleled in the IT world.

Mac laptop

Mac laptop

Udemy Apple courses contains nearly 70 classes, on everything from using the Mac to its fullest potential, to creating Keynote videos, to using Siri to maximize your productivity at home or in the office.

The Udemy Apple front page has two categories in it: top free courses and top paid courses. These include courses like The Complete Guide to iOS 7 – iPhone Edition (Free), Apple Watch – The ultimate user and decision guide ($19), Productivity for Mac Users: 10x Your Productivity ($67), and iPad Literacy 101 (Free).

Switching from Mac to PC

One of the most popular courses is Effortlessly Switch from PC to Mac- Tips to Start Strong, instructed by Arlen Nagata. The course has over 1,500 students enrolled, and the few students who have rated the course gave it a 5 out of 5 star rating. The course is up to date and very user-friendly, as one could expect from a course which teaches operating system conversion.


Nagata’s course will help students make the transition from PC to Mac as smooth as possible. Students will learn why an Apple ID is beneficial, will stand on the major differences between PC and Mac, learn about application launch in Mac, become familiar with the Mac look and feel, learn the best way to locate and organize files, make the most out of the Mac searching tool, and become a speedy Mac user. Learning the Mac terminology and workflow can be daunting for first time users, and those interested in saving themselves hours of stress and frustration are best advised to enroll in this course, and start using Mac right away. The course’s cost is $25, and it only requires basic knowledge of using a PC.

Apple computer

Apple computer

The course has over 17 lectures, and one hour of video content. It helps users navigate quickly and easily through the Mac, and install the right Apps. This course is meant for those who are thinking of switching to a Mac, those who are planning on purchasing a Mac, or those who need to use a Mac at school or work. It is targeted for absolute beginners, and manages to be clear and concise.

Nagata is an experienced computer workshop instructor, operating in Hawaii. In this course, he shares the best tips and tricks, which will help out those students who are going through one of the most potentially-frustrating operating system conversion processes there is.


The Apple Udemy page also shows several topics which are related to the office productivity Apple page, such as communications, media, web development, and design tools.

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