Udemy Communication Courses Review

Communication is the foundation of relationships. It is the foundation of all interaction. Our abilities to communicate our thoughts, emotions, desires, and imagination – in so many ways, too! – are what separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom, in a very big way.


Communication doesn’t have to be so difficult!

Over the years, human beings have found many ways to communicate with one another – through language, text, images, and music, for instance. Within these categories, there is a host of sub-categories. Communication is always evolving, and we are always finding how crucial it all can be. A first impression, a business pitch, the powers of persuasion and negotiation – these are all based on our ability to communicate what we want properly. Communication, verbal and non-verbal, is key. Always was, and always will be. It could mean the difference between getting what you want, and getting passed over.

The front page for Udemy communication courses features several categories of available courses: Write a Book, Become a Great Speaker, Pitch Your Business, The Art of Negotiation, Top Free Courses, Top Paid Courses, and New and Mention-worthy Courses. The various paid courses on the front page are priced from $11 – $300. Some notable courses are How to Stop Stalling and Write Your Book ($19), Conversation Mastery: The Art/Science Of Great Conversation ($149), Create Income Opportunities By Learning Power Writing (Free), and 6 Shortcuts to Powerful Persuasion ($19).

Write On

One very popular course is Writing with Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer, by instructor Shani Raja. Over 21,000 students have so far enrolled in this course, and it has hundreds of 4 and 5 star reviews. Even though some students complained about the presentation, the majority of them agreed that Raja’s ideas and examples are beneficial for anyone who is writing, or who is looking to get into the field.


The course is meant for bloggers, authors, writers, journalists, marketing executives, students, businesses, and basically anyone who is looking for a way to take their writing to the next level. Over 31 lectures are given over the course of 3.5 hours, and Raja’s vast experience is there for the students to utilize. In this course, Raja goes through his arsenal of principles and tactics, which give any piece of writing that extra sparkle, a unique professional signature which puts it above the rest.



In Raja’s Udemy bio, it is written that he has taught journalists and professional writers. He has written and edited for some of the world’s largest news organizations, and also teaches journalism to undergraduates. Raja has also uploaded several other writing-related courses to Udemy, and works hard to expose students to the simplicity and elegance of more professional writing.

In the course, Raja teaches students how to improve their quality of writing in as little as days or weeks. Once implementing the tools and tips discussed in the lectures, the student’s writing will stand out from the rest. Blog posts, articles, essays, academic assignments, books – these will all gain a much more solid and professional look and feel. All that is required from the student is a notepad and pen, or a computer, for the writing exercises which are incorporated into the curriculum.

Communication is key

It is, quite literally, our way of connecting with others and conveying our ideas. Writing with an extra ‘flair’, as Raja puts it, can help the words you write stand out against those of your peers, competitors, and colleagues. It can help give you a very real edge in any situation, and make sure that you aren’t just another face in the crowd.

Other categories, closely related to communications, are also presented within the front page of Udemy’s communications section. Topics such as memory & study skills, influence, productivity, and entrepreneurship are all there for the students to peruse and explore. Coupling strong writing skills with social media marketing, for instance, can be a very powerful tool.

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