Udemy E-Commerce Courses Review

What is a Udemy Course?

Udemy is an online Education service provider. They have educated over 12 million and have close to 50 thousand lectures. Each lecturer is a professional with real world experience in their field. The courses are broken up into sections are are taken on your own time. If you were worried that because you are taking classes online you wont be able to have a connection with the teacher or get a response when you need it, fear not. The teachers are constantly available to help out with any learning needs you may come across. With all types of courses you will be sure to find something up your alley. whether you have been meaning to learn photography or you need some help understanding Microsoft Office there’s a space for you. Udemy E-Commerce Courses Review will help you decide if the E-Commerce will be a route you can succeed in venturing down. Their courses have another cool aspect to them in that the ones that do cost money actually have a 30 day return policy, not only that but they also come with the ability for lifetime access.

All You Need To Know About Ecommerce Websites

Ever since its inception, the internet has been used by people – as individuals or as businesses – as a way to make money. It is a wonderful world, business wise, which provides specifications up to the smallest degree. With the internet, a business can target audiences and markets, gather real time data about users and their preferences. The options are virtually limitless. Which is why E-Commerce courses are on the rise.

With the advent of social media, E-Commerce has exploded onto the scene.

With the advent of social media, E-Commerce has exploded onto the scene.

Electronic commerce utilizes the internet in a very efficient way. It is a platform through which businesses, clients, customers, and consumers can share information and enjoy a shopping experience like no other. In the last decade or so, with the explosion of social media websites and their subsidiaries, E-commerce has grown exponentially. The internet is a great marketing tool, and those who are not using it are missing out on a lot of potential business. Like anything related to the world of business – it is best to know what you are doing. Anyone could potentially open up an e-store or business online, but it takes skill and correct management to be successful at it. Nothing says “unprofessional” like a sloppy webpage. The internet is sometimes a user’s first glance at your business, and it pays to have a unique, sleek, appealing, and appropriate look for your business’ page. The E-commerce front page on Udemy features different courses. Some are meant to be purchased, some are for free, and others are mention-worthy (free or paid). The prices vary greatly, and the featured ones range from $49 – $299.

Udemy Puts the Power in Your Hands

Udemy’s featured courses on E-commerce include How to Create an Ecommerce Online Store with Bigcommerce (Free), How I Made Over 100k in Adsense in ONE Year! ($79), Start an Online Store A to Z Guide – OpenCart 1.5 Ecommerce ($297), and eCommerce with WordPress and WooCommerce – Theming a store ($49). There are many ways to make money online, and Udemy can provide you with the easiest way to dive head first into the nitty gritty of E-commerce. One of the most popular courses in the E-commerce category is Build eCommerce site with WordPress, by Tanzeel Ur Rehman. The course is $299, and it teaches how to build a professional site using WordPress and its various plugins. The course has had over 5000 students, and is updated regularly. This is the reason why it is advertised as complete and comprehensive.


Unlike other courses or lectures which become outdated after a relatively short amount of time, this particular course stays with its finger on the pulse of E-commerce, and it offers its students – new and old – updates which incorporate the latest versions of WordPress and its plugins. Rehman’s course aims to provide the students with the tools necessary to succeed in the world of E-commerce. It teaches the basics and more intermediate inner workings of WordPress and WooCommerce, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing online, by email and ways to make money online. The course provides tips and tricks on getting traffic to your e-business. Rehman offers the course’s students over 80 lectures and 7 hours of content, 24/7 support on WordPress-related matters, a guide to creating a successful Facebook page, free domain and web hosting, and even support over Skype if necessary. There is a lot to be gained from this course for a vast spectrum of people. It is meant for employers, employees, business owners, students, web designers looking to enhance their arsenal of skills, as well as anyone interested in getting into an online business or marketing.

Learn WordPress

Udemy has courses to get you plugged in to WordPress.

Udemy has courses to get you plugged in to WordPress.

The instructor, Tanzeel Ur Rehman, has over 13 years of experience working with WordPress. According to his biography, found on Udemy, he is an expert in SEO, and a techgeek by his own admission. He enjoys teaching, and has a knack for building great websites. This course is one which is plainly meant more for WordPress beginners than those who already have experience. Those who are taking their first steps in the world of E-commerce will no doubt benefit from Rehman’s years of experience and hard work. Udemy also displays related topics. Categories which could be beneficial for those who are studying up on E-commerce include courses on home businesses, social media marketing, design tools, and mobile apps.

Udemy Build Ecommerce with WordPress Review

Tanzeel Ur Rehman is Udemy’s youngest teacher. This man is a website building master and has been from a young age. When taking you down the WordPress and E-Commerce website building journey he doesn’t require much from you in terms of supplies. Basically if you have working computer and and decent internet connection you are ready to go. He covers Web Hosting and what that is. Different plugins that will enhance your website appearance and functionality. Learn what WooCommerce is from a series of videos. SEO is also covered as well as a host of other topics. This is a course that I would label as best for beginners even if they say people with experience will benefit as well. It has had over 10,000 students and has an average approval rating of 4.1 out of 5.

Udemy Google AdSense Course Review

This course is a little different in the sense that while you don’t need to be a programmer or be able to do yachting incredibly advanced on the internet, there are some things you do need to fully capitalize on the classes. Anyone that has an understanding of Search Engine Optimization, and digital marketing, and advertising in general will have a much easier time getting along in the course as well as applying what is learnt afterwords. This is a nice course for someone that already has some knowledge and wants to really convert that into successful money making. Learn how to stay within compliance with all of Google’s terms of service and how to stay most effective with your AdSense placement. The course has an average student rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Udemy Start an Online Store Course Review

Out of the courses we’ve mentioned this one will take the most investment for obvious reasons. You will actually be starting your own store and there are certain things you’ll need for that. It’s a very practical course where you will see exactly the exact fruits of what you were building by the time you finish the course. Out of the courses we cover in this review this one has the highest review average at 4.5 out of 5. People really seem to be seeing results in their stores and this works as a great road map to set it up.

in the course you will find

  • Where to get a Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Sub-domain set up
  • Store personalization
  • Global shipping
  • Manufacturer set up
  • Complete store set up
  • Different shipping methods
  • PayPal, Bank Transfer and Cheques will all be valid methods of payment
  • Mass emails set up
  • Store upgrades


E-Commerce is a great way to make your business smoother, better known and user friendly. Becoming familiar with how the whole system works is easy when shown to you, figuring it all out without instruction.. more difficult. There is a lot to be covered and at Udemy you can find the exact need for your business to thrive. Learn at your own pace but most importantly, learn! there is money to be made, don’t you think you deserve a piece of the pie too?

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