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We all want to be better writers. It is a skill which can make or break you, whether you are a student or a teacher, a manager or an employee, or simply a regular blue-collared Joe. In a digital and virtual world that is getting smaller and smaller, knowing how to write proper English is paramount, and it serves many purposes.

Spell checking software is now a part of every device and web browser. Auto correct is a major part of many people’s lives, and some cannot remember what they did before it came along!

Spelling is one thing. Syntax and grammar are quite another. Spelling mistakes can be (relatively) easily identified, whether in UK English, US English, or any other form of written English. Grammar checking, however, is a much tougher task to undertake. Grammar has a lot to do with word usage, connotation, redundancies, and other fine points which are almost impossible for a bunch of zeros and ones to fully comprehend, let alone identify as errors and correct.

Grammar Checking Software

Fix Your English Grammar

Even the Muppets use proper grammar… So should you.

Built-in grammar checking software (such as the one in Microsoft’s Word) isn’t always reliable. There are many mistakes which these built-in programs gloss over, leaving the text with no spelling mistakes, but with plenty of grammatical ones.

Writers, journalists, students – basically, anyone who is looking to improve their written English skills – will be happy to know that there are several grammar checking programs that are up to the task of making you a better writer.

The more popular pieces of grammar checking software available today are Grammarly, WhiteSmoke, and Ginger Software’s Grammar Checker.

Grammarly Review

Self-titled as “the world’s most accurate grammar checker”, Grammarly helps transform you into a more accurate writer. It does this by identifying and correcting more mistakes than any word processing software. Of Grammarly, said Forbes magazine: “Grammarly quickly and easily makes your writing better.”  Grammarly grammar checker scans texts for use of over 250 grammatical rules, contextual usage of words, and misplaced or redundant vocabulary.

WhiteSmoke Review

WhiteSmoke prides itself with being a “world-leading English writing software”. It checks text for errors by using spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, and structure detectors. It offers translations and a multilingual dictionary. It also provides an error-explanation tool, and offers you the chance to learn from your mistakes.

Ginger Grammar Checker Review

Ginger grammar checker software uses patent-pending technology to identify and correct errors in text, based on the context of complete sentences. Grammar, spelling, and vocabulary mistakes are improved upon, using Grammar Checker’s unique algorithms. The software states you can “write like a native speaker”, and acts just as any human reviewer would, fixing errors and improving your writing as you type.

English Grammar and Spelling Errors

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