Top 5 Computer Glasses Reviewed 2018: Protect Your Eyes

Technology keeps flying forward. Sometimes I feel like we are a kid being dragged around the city by his mama. Things are moving very fast, and we don’t manage to catch everything that is going on around us. Occasionally, the tired mother will look back to make sure the kid she is leading through the crowded streets is in fact her own. Well, now I am a kid wearing computer glasses with a pinkish tint. Of all the things to wear as a kid, huh?

The Importance of Computer Glasses Explained

Computer Screens Can Cause Eye Strain.

We were in a huge hurry to advance, obviously, and now we need to deal with computer vision syndrome (CVS). I am not knocking progress, and I’d like to make that crystal clear. This is how things are done. We still are advancing with haste, but we need to be safe about it. Awareness is important.

The data on this matter is pretty cut and dry. If you work at a computer for more than a few hours each day, there is a good chance you have some type of CVS-related symptoms. The prevalence of computer visual syndrome is rampant, and it is not about to back down.

Not everyone suffers from it from to the same degree, of course. Heck, some people don’t even know they are suffering from it, since the symptoms are so mild. But when you think about it, unless you have some amazing genes – and yeah, some of us do – your eyes are being strained by looking at all of the screens around you.

You stare at several monitors, of all shapes and sizes, from various distances, during different times of day. It all takes a toll on your eyes. Not to mention those who use a small screen at night, in a dark room – I am looking right at you, smartphone-in-bed users. You see/feel that blue light all around you, and this blue light can be to your detriment. Some amount of blue light is okay, but when you overdo it, it becomes bad.

EvolutionEyes Computer Glasses Review 2018

EvolutionEyes Computer Glasses.

EvolutionEyes designs and distributes reading glasses, computer and gaming glasses, sunglasses, and prescription eyeglasses. They also sell cases and related accessories.

Furthermore, the company acts as a private label, offering its services to businesses all over the country. A few of their own brands are: Graffiti, Evo Kidz, Kenneth Jay Lane, Max Studio, and Whims. We will be glancing at their various collections more in-depth in an upcoming review.

As for computer and gaming glasses, there are two brands devoted to these designs: e-specs and Gamers. E-specs include anti-reflective lense coatings (as should most if not ALL models of computer glasses), and they are designed for extended use. Gamers glasses have a traditional light yellow tint, anti-reflective coating, and UV protection.

Okay, so how do they sit? I tried the Game On (black) glasses while playing some Overwatch. I didn’t have a huge amount of time with any of the reviewed glasses, by the way, so I cannot make long-term claims. These are my initial experiences with them.

I enjoyed the Game On glasses. It is a good buy for $30 or less, but definitely do not pay more. Beyond that, it is just not worth it, since there are others out there which can deliver the same thing for a cheaper price.

Gunnar by MLG Computer Glasses Review 2018

Gunnar by MLG Computer Glasses.

Major League Gaming (MLG), the competitive gaming league, was formed in 2002. It hosts a wide range of events and tournaments, and has significantly contributed to the steady growth of eSports in the United States and Canada.

We recently reviewed their Gunnar Optiks gaming glasses which include the Phantom and the Micron. Both of them provide a good experience, and they both possess the patented DIAMIX material which eliminates distortion and prolongs the life of the lenses. They differ in some ways (the overall design, the tint, the grip), but they both do credit to the name of gaming glasses. Obviously, these are not the only ones available by Gunnar, and if the MLG models don’t take your fancy, keep looking.

Spektrum Prospek Computer Glasses Review 2018

Spektrum Prospek Computer Glasses.

These are some of the more prestigious computer glasses out there. It is a series of glasses and clip-ons, and I only got to experiment with one particular model – the Artist. Like the other models, it blocks the recommended amount of blue light. As stated, some blue light is okay, but too much of it can yield negative results. Unlike other models, this one has no tint, but it manages to block blue light properly.

The Artist has some of the greatest temples of all the glasses I tried on. I don’t know if it is exclusive to me and the shape of my head or what, but when I put those on… I felt at home. I can’t explain it, really, it just felt really good right from the start.

As for the lenses, they are anti-reflective, anti-scratch, anti-glare. All the proper “anti’s” are in place, as well as proper UV protection. But wait – there’s more! These are also anti-fog, anti-oil (in other words, fingerprint resistant meaning less smudging), and they represent some of the best engineering out there.

Quality comes at a price, and these are generally more expensive. On the other hand, you get a lot, and there is a guarantee to boot.

Gamma Ray 003 UV Glare Protection Review 2018

Gamma Ray Optics Computer Glasses.

In 2014, called this pair “a cheap alternative” to Gunnar. This has some truth to it, but there are some differences. Either way, the Gamma Ray computer glasses are solid. These are anti-reflective, tinted, lenses, designed to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

The frame looks cheaper at first glance, but it is also fairly comfortable. Again, I didn’t have these for such a long time, but it seems to me that if you treat them right, they will be able to last a good while.

Computer glasses aim to provide you with a better experience while working and gaming, and this is something these glasses do achieve, albeit perhaps with less bells and whistles. The downside is that these tend to smudge a bit easier, and I saw that from my short experience with them. Nothing a good cleaning kit won’t be able to tackle.

Eyekeeper Vintage Computer Glasses Review 2018

EyeKepper Vintage Computer Glasses.

Eyekeeper’s computer reading glasses are pretty great. Their lenses are coated to filter some of the blue with their their amber tint, and they are anti-scratch, anti-static, UV protecting, and anti-fatigue. They look really nice, and they are comfortable.

Unfortunately, I found that the anti-scratch is not as great as it should be. Maybe mine was a faulty pair, who knows. But let me put it this way: if you are keeping them by your computer, it’s okay. If you plan on carrying them around, get yourself a proper hard case. I cannot stress this enough.

A hard case. I mean, look – these glasses don’t cost a fortune, but they are your glasses after all, and they are meant to guard your eyes while you work, play, read, etc. Take care of them.


Computer glasses are pretty much a necessity nowadays, especially for those of us who are spending a lot of time in front of a screen. Heck, most of us spend time in front of screens, and frequently it is for more time than we would care to admit.

The truth is, screens and monitors are everywhere, so why not do something about it? Get yourself some computer glasses. You will probably find that your eyes can relax more, and that you are able to spend time in front of the computer or television screen with reduced fatigue, less cause for eye pains, and less of the obvious negative consequences such as neck pains and headaches.

Now, this does NOT mean that just because your eyes are less strained, you should continue to abuse them! If you do that, no computer glasses will be able to save your vision, and CVS symptoms will continue to accumulate and increase in nature. Be cautious. Use common sense. Take breaks. Treat yourself properly.

Remember that humans have only been sitting in front of computer screens for a limited time. And in the past two decades, this behavior has been pushed into overdrive with the advent of smartphone and tablets. There are going to be consequences to our actions, but there are ways of mitigating them.

Take whatever steps necessary to protect your body. Sit at a proper distance, stretch your limbs, and stretch your eyes on a regular basis. Don’t count solely on computer glasses to provide you with proper ocular health. That is not their job. They are merely there to prevent damage. Take control of your situation, otherwise you may end up with CVS which is damn near irreparable.

Computer glasses are a great solution for those who want to take better care of themselves at the office, home, or anywhere else. Check them out!

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