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WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Software Review

Whitesmoke grammar software review

Grammar Check Helps You See Through the Smoke WhiteSmoke, Incorporated is a publicly-traded company (TASE: WMSK), which was founded in 2002 by Hilla and Liran Brenner. The couple established WhiteSmoke in hopes of improving communication skills among native and non-native English speakers alike. The couple saw the immense value in creating a new kind of software, to facilitate the growing need for professional and high […]

Grammarly Software Review


In this day and age, when so much information is created and passed on in digital form, the command of the English language is essential. Of course, nothing will ever replace the good old-fashioned human proofreader. No matter how complex an algorithm, grammar checking software will never be absolutely perfect. However, a good grammar checker […]

Ginger Grammar Check Keeps Your Writing in Check

Ginger Grammar Checker

There are several grammar checkers out there, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. The important thing to understand about grammar checkers is that none of them is perfect. It isn’t easy creating a grammar checking algorithm. Unlike spelling checkers, which are checking for something which seldom changes and is relatively constant and widespread, […]

WhiteSmoke Software

WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Software Review

One of my friends was struggling with his English writing and as a consequence he was failing some classes at school. I then introduced him to WhiteSmoke grammar checker and now he is sailing along happily, and passing with flying colors. Why did I tell him to use WhiteSmoke Software? The answer is simple. He was […]

Grammarly vs. WhiteSmoke – Which Is The Best?

Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke

Grammarly VS. WhiteSmoke Update 10/21/2015: Our research has found this extended trial/info on Grammarly (you can also skip to the bottom for the final verdict). Spell checking software is available for many platforms and devices. Autocorrect has become very common, whether it is used on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.  Grammar checking software, however, is a […]