Lynda Business Courses and Training Review

Hundreds of thousands of businesses are opened each and every month in the United States. That is a large number, but not as large as the number of businesses which are closed each month.

You need skill to survive in the business world. It is a world where ‘cutting edge’ isn’t just a popular phrase; business dealings can truly feel like the edge of a razor.

In all great endeavors in life, the importance of education cannot be over-stressed, and’s business section is all-encompassing. It has over 1,350 courses, and 53,258 video tutorials. Some courses are about the fundamentals of analysis and marketing, and others are about unlocking the secrets of software such as Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint. The point of all of these courses is to train business-minded people, and motivate them to achieve their goals faster, better, and easier.

People enjoy the fantasy of having their own small- or medium-sized business. They like the idea of being in charge, and working on their own schedule. However, many of them do not make it, and their businesses fail before the first two years are up. By taking the proper precautions and learning all there is to know, you can stay one step ahead of the game if you wish to stay afloat in this tough and unforgiving market.

The most popular course topics are:

Business Skills

Often, the business world is a cutthroat one. People are always looking for ways to get ahead, move up, and climb that corporate ladder. Knowing how to be more productive, how to better manage time and money, how to lead, how to communicate and negotiate – these are business essentials, and they are necessary for long-term success.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a manager, a low-level employee, or an ambitious business school graduate – business skills will get you far. The listings available at Lynda online courses are worth their weight in gold, and they are taught by the industry’s most respected leaders and insiders.

Learn project management skills

Learn project management skills

There are 220 business skill courses on the Lynda business section. Some of them are introductory ones, like project management fundamentals. Other courses, such as global strategy or meeting agility, are geared towards more advanced students.

Some courses in the skills section are great for everyday life, as well as at work. There are courses on improving memory, grammar fundamentals, and influencing others – everything that is needed in order to best manage your career.

How do you build a brand? How do you work in a way which will help you to stand out and shine? How do you conduct yourself among peers and colleagues? How do you use your strengths to your advantage? These are all questions which Lynda’s instructors strive to answer, in a professional and polished manner.


Being efficient, without working yourself sick or losing your mind. Put bluntly, that is what Lynda’s productivity courses are all about. Learning the secrets to better time and task management will get you performing better and faster. This can be achieved by incorporating different techniques into your life – from note taking, active listening, and using the right calendar, to diving head first into Microsoft Office and its many time-saving features.

There are 144 courses on productivity in the Lynda business courses and training section. They include training in a variety of software, such as Adobe Presenter, Box, and Windows 10. There are courses on iPad and Gmail usage, on Microsoft Excel and Word, and on managing passwords with LastPass.

Aside from the many software-specific videos, there are also courses on how to overcome procrastination, getting things done (an actual course title!), the fundamentals of typing, and the basics of running a webinar.

One of the most popular instructors operating in Lynda’s business section is David Rivers. Rivers is an author, trainer, and development expert. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of productivity enhancement. Rivers uses old-fashioned tools, but also integrates modern tools (such as Microsoft Office, FrameMaker, and RoboHelp) to improve the workflow and output of teams and individuals. His clients have been Microsoft, Corel, Halogen, and even the city of Ottawa, Canada.

Being efficient and productive without compromising quality – that is the essence of being a good employee. Lynda’s experts are here to get you to where you want to go.

Home + Small Office

Establishing a company and going into business is a dream which many people share. In the real world, it takes a lot more than a dream to keep a business going. You need the skills and the knowhow to make things happen for you and your business.

Lynda training on running a home and/or small office teach students how to effectively establish a network, stay on top of the latest technology, and be more productive. From courses on business etiquette, through Windows 10 training, all the way to managing to-do lists and using office space efficiently.

There are 100 courses in’s home and small office section. Most of them are courses meant for beginners or those who are otherwise complete novices. There are some courses for intermediate students, and they are on subjects such as QuickBook, Word, and PowerPoint techniques for advanced users. There are even courses on creating better blog content, working with PayPal, and using the Apple Watch.

A good small business needs to be quick, agile, and productive. Unlike big businesses and large companies, a small office usually doesn’t have the luxury of many employees at hand. The staff at a home or small office needs to be savvy, motivated, and productive in order to keep the business going strong. After all, the purpose is not to just stay afloat or survive. The purpose is to succeed, grow, and perhaps even expand.



The editor’s top picks are: Managing your time, Going Paperless: Start to Finish, Accounting Fundamentals, and Body Language for Leaders. There are also three documentaries (two shorts and one hour-long movie) about the world of business from the perspective of industry experts.

With over 1,350 courses to choose from, there is a very wide range of skills to learn – from project management and software-specific courses to decision-making skills and social platform usage. Lynda tutorials can help you become proficient in search engine optimization, spreadsheet manipulation, writing and editing text, and much more.

One of the most popular courses on Lynda’s business page is Project Management Fundamentals, taught by Bonnie Biafore. This course is for those who wish to attain a better understanding of efficient business management.

Biafore will teach her students the basics of project managements, which include the principles and concepts which drive the field forward. Establishing objectives, avoiding problems, managing conflicts, and building a proper plan in order to meet individual, team, and overall deadlines with as few issues as possible. Biafore will also teach proper closure of a project, and will reveal the workflow necessary to gain the most from each individual project.

The topics of Biafore’s course are1:

Understanding projects and project management

Exploring project management software options

Gathering requirements

Identifying deliverables and success criteria

Creating a scope statement

Identifying stakeholders

Bonnie Biafore

Bonnie Biafore

Building a work breakdown structure

Identifying resources

Building a schedule

Creating a risk management plan

Developing a change management plan

Understanding team dynamics

Gathering data

Evaluating project schedule and cost performance

Documenting lessons learned

Closing contracts, accounts, and transitioning


The course runs a total of two hours and seven minutes. In almost four years of being online, Biafore’s course has gathered over 91,000 views and thousands of thankful students. It is meant as a jumping boards for beginners, so it is suited mainly for newly appointed project managers, as well as aspiring project managers. However, anyone who is interested in learning positive workflow and correct managerial skills could benefit a great deal from this course. This course is fully closed captioned and transcribed, for easy access to all.

Bonnie Biafore is an extremely experienced software engineer and Project Management Professional (PMP). She has written and contributed to over 25 books, which have won awards and gained plenty of recognition from her peers and readers. She provides project management and technical writing services, but also enjoys teaching very much.

Biafore teaches 17 courses on She instructs students in a variety of management software, such as Basecamp, Asana, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Project.

Another very popular course is Microsoft Access 2013 Essential Training, taught by instructor Adam Wilbert. This course is all about data storage. How to do effectively, efficiently, and wisely. Wilbert teaches his students ways to avoid errors, and to carefully navigate the realms of Microsoft Access. Forms, tables, macros, filtering – creating and maintaining a database can be hard, but it can also be easy. This course shows how to apply rules and principles that will increase productivity and smooth out operations.

The topics for this course area:

Understanding table structures and relationships

Adam Wilbert

Adam Wilbert

Setting primary and foreign keys

Establishing relationships and maintaining referential integrity

Sorting and filtering data

Building queries with constraints and criteria

Editing table data with queries

Generating forms from tables

Adding form controls

Creating reports with totals and labels

Embedding macros in buttons

Repairing your database

Protecting databases with passwords

This course’s total run time is five hours and four minutes. It has gotten over 61,000 views since it was published in February, 2013. It is meant for beginners, and has taught thousands how to make their lives easier with Microsoft Access.

Getting work done quickly and efficiently on the database level means that those who are connected to this system are enjoying better applications and a more manageable workflow. Access can be used for developing and running personal applications, small- and large-business applications, web applications, and other kinds of database needs.

Adam Wilbert is an author, trainer, and Access database consultant. For over five years, he has been helping clients in government, industry, and non-profit organizations to use Microsoft Access efficiently. He also instructs in Excel, and has led many workshops and classes on those two specific Microsoft products. He has taught the staff of Verizon, Boeing, the Environmental Protection Agency, and even U.S. Army Engineering corps personnel.

Wilbert teaches 17 courses on, all having to do with database training and management.



Lynda’s business courses provides students with the know-how and the tools to achieve success in their careers. Whether they are looking to expand into another field, or get even better in the field they are currently in – Lynda’s courses can be a game-changer. Learning the right software, from the right people, at the right time, can be what propels you from everyday employee to valuable asset, solution finder, and essential and vital team player. Getting ahead in business means trying to stay ahead of the game. These courses can get you there, on your terms and on your schedule.


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