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Development tools are programs such as compilers, debuggers, or interface builders. It is an umbrella term for software which lends a hand to developers in the creation of new software.



Becoming skilled in the latest software helps create software that is even newer and better. Out with the old, in with the new. This is why studying current development tools is absolutely essential.

Treehouse’s development tools category has a catalog of nine courses, six workshops, and two conferences. Examples of the courses found in this category are: Scrum Basics, Website Optimizations, Console Foundations, and Website Basics.

Development tools are mostly independent pieces of software, created for one specific task. These tools are what make software creation possible. Sometimes, depending on the task at hand, certain tools bundled and subsequently used simultaneously, to achieve a common goal.

As with any part of the IT world, there are common and less common tools which are used in software and web development. Whether it is for the purpose of coding, code organizing, or working with servers, Treehouse’s development courses will introduce you to some of the most popular tools used by developers, which make development much easier and a lot more powerful.

Course Review: Database Foundations

This beginner course is instructed by Andrew Chalkley. Database Foundations explores the ins and outs of databases. Databases (and database management systems) have been around for decades, but they continue to improve. These programs can store massive amounts of information, and they act as memory units for dynamic web sites or mobile applications.

Instructor Andrew Chalkley

Instructor Andrew Chalkley

The topics covered in this course are:

  • Introduction to Data, Databases and SQL
  • Installing MySQL Server and MySQL Workbench
  • Reading Data from Databases with SQL
  • Creating Tables and Manipulating Data with SQL
  • Manipulating Schema with SQL
  • Joining Relational Data Between Tables in SQL
  • SQL Calculating, Aggregating and Other Functions
  • Securing and Maintaining a MySQL Database

This is a course which runs approximately six hours, and includes eight modules. These include lectures, assessment quizzes, coding challenges, and also extra credit assignments.

About the Instructor: Andrew Chalkley

Chalkley is a developer, technical writer, and co-founder of Secret Monkey Science. He is a polyglot programmer, and he takes pleasure in using the right tools for the job. He has worked online for his entire professional life, and in his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and sticking opponents in Halo 4.

Course Review: Git Basics

This is also a beginner course, instructed by Tommy Morgan. It is an introduction to the Git version control system. For designers and develoeprs, a version control system (VCS) is an essential – yet sometimes overlooked – tool, which keeps projects on track. Git Basics discusses what version control is, and how it works. After that, Morgan will go more in-depth with one of the most popular VCSs available today – Git. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to apply their Git knowledge to their next project.



The topics covered in this course are:

  • What Version Control Does
  • How Version Control Works
  • What Makes Git a Good Choice
  • Using Git to Manage Basic Projects
  • Working With GitHub and other Git Hosting Solutions
  • Branches
  • Merging
  • Working With Remote Repositories
  • Workflows

This course runs just over four hours, and has six modules. Even though it is a beginner course, there is a prerequisite. Treehouse recommends completing the Console Foundations course before enrolling in Git Basics.

The modules in Git Basics include lectures, coding challenges, extra credit work, and assessment quizzes.

About the Instructor: Tommy Morgan

Morgan has been a software developer for over seven years, and even though his current passion is Ruby, he has spent time working with many other languages. He is a former consultant, and currently an in-house Treehouse teacher. Now he spends most of his time making Treehouse a better website, by providing support, bug fixing, adding new features, and teaching.

Development tools are what make developing software easier and more creative. With every new advancement that makes an appearance in the world of development, there are those who will build on it and improve it. One software building on top of another – this is how innovation takes place, and how newer, more intelligent, and more advanced pieces of are created. Software developers are standing on the shoulders of giants – engineers, scientists, and old-school developers, who have paved the way for those who are now developing the software of the future.

Using Treehouse’s development tools courses can help you to better understand the nature of these tools, and provide tips and tricks on using them in a more professional manner, and getting the most out of them.

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