Udemy Development Courses Review

PC magazine defined development tools as “software that assists in the creation of new software. Compilers, debuggers, visual programming tools, GUI builders, and application generators are examples”.

It is essential to learn how to use the tools that are available, in order to be able to create even more advanced software. This software, in turn, will be used to reach even greater heights, and create even better software. And so on, and so forth.

Many times, development programs are ones which are smaller in scale, since they are created for the single task of aiding the completion of a larger program. Some development programs are bundled together to accomplish a series of tasks which are interconnected.

Development tools come in many forms, and Udemy's courses offer all kinds of possibilities for those who wish to become proficient in their use and implementation.

Development Tools

Development Tools

The Udemy development courses category features several paid courses, free courses, and others which are new or are worth mentioning. The prices of the featured videos range from $15 to $41, but these are only the featured ones. Udemy offers many other courses in development tools, and some are free while others could be more costly than $41.

“Git” With the Program

Examples of the courses available are: Short and Sweet: Next-Level Git and GitHub ($27), Git Going Fast: One Hour Git Crash Course ($15), WordPress Security Mastery ($24), and Rule the Internet – With Java+Selenium WebDriver (Free)

One of the most popular courses in development tools category of Udemy is Git Complete: The definitive, step-by-step guide to Git, presented by instructor Jason Taylor, a senior software engineer. Taylor has almost 20 years of experience in programming and software development, and many of his student can attest to the ease and simplicity in which he is able to convey his ideas.

The course has been taken by nearly 4000 students already, and its cost is $41. 7 hours of video content are spread over 82 separate lectures, in which Taylor teaches the key concepts of Git and its source control system.

The course is designed for anyone with basic computer skills, and its level is suited for beginners as well as more experienced programmers, software engineers, and developers. All that is needed from the student is the ability to install software on his or her computer. Nothing more is required.

There is a bit of criticism regarding this course, though. Some users who reviewed the course stated that it was a little scattered or confusing at times. One user even gave it one star, saying that he would have been better off with a free tutorial. However, this was the only one star review. All other users gave Taylor four and five stars, leaving positive reviews and saying how much they enjoyed the course.


“Git” with it!

Never Stop Learning

It is important to remember that even courses which have the word “complete” in their title, are rarely actually complete. There is always something that could have been added, changed, updated, upgraded, or deleted – whether it be the video, audio, or learning material. It is almost impossible to teach a course in which every single student is 100% satisfied. Overall, this course a great introduction to Git, and it can give the users a lot of knowledge and tools to progress and advance in the field.

On the left of the featured page, there are topics related to development tools. Courses on subjects like networking & security, design tools, web development, and programming languages are always things which can benefit those who are interested in development of software.

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