Udemy Hardware Courses Review

A computer system is made up, first and foremost, of its physical elements. Monitor, mouse, graphic cards, hard disk cards, sound cards, memory cards, motherboard, and so on – the parts and components through which information can be passed back and forth. These are the basis of any computer system, and they are also known as computer hardware.

Arduino uno

Arduino uno

The Udemy hardware courses page has nearly 100 available options, which teach the basic advanced usage of electronics within a computer system. The front page features several categories: learn Arduino, learn PLC programming, top free courses, top paid courses, and new and noteworthy courses.

These courses include Raspberry Pi: Full Stack ($200), PIC Microcontroller Step by Step: Your complete guide ($50), SOC Verification using SystemVerilog (Free), and Learn PLC basics EASY! ($72).

Arduino, Step by Step

The top student pick for the hardware category is Arduino Step by Step: Your Complete Guide, taught by instructor Peter Dalmaris. 130 lectures which span 22 hours of video, in a course that teaches students how to create electronic projects with the Arduino, which Dalmaris calls “the world's friendliest electronics prototyping platform.” Arduino – and this course – are meant for aspiring engineers, as well as anyone who is into DIY electronics. Even children over the age of 12, who are interested in home electronic projects, can be a part of this course. It is open to all levels. The course’s cost is $200, but there are additional costs for the various electronic parts which Dalmaris uses in his lectures.

Dalmaris teaches the principles of programming micro-controllers, the use of various sensors and components, connecting Arduino to the internet, using tools to build devices, and the fundamentals of electronic design.

Dalmaris is an electrical and computer engineer, as well as a software developer. He holds a PhD and a couple of Masters in Information Systems, and is chief explorer at Tech Explorations.

Arduino prototyping board

Arduino prototyping board

The requirements for those who wish to become active students – as opposed to simply viewing the lectures – are a computer and an Arduino prototyping board. There is also a list of parts which make up the equipment necessary for participation in all the projects and lectures which Dalmaris teaches. The combined cost of all of the parts is roughly $250. However, not every part needs to be purchased. Students can choose which parts – and which projects – they are interested in purchasing and completing.

This course will take students through Arduino step by step, and build them up from complete novices to “confident maker”, as Dalmaris puts is. There are exercises and quizzes throughout the course, so that the student is able to gauge his or her place, ensure progress, and become an even better and more efficient Arduino builder.


The Udemy hardware page also suggests some related topics on its hardware page: web development, programming languages, mobile apps, and network & security – these are only several of the many courses related to those dealing with hardware.

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