Co-ed vs Separate Education

Is segregating sexes in education a positive or negative approach? Which option creates a more intellectually stimulating and safe classroom environment?

Well, it depends. This is a debate that has been going on for some time, with arguments for and against coming up constantly.

To make a very broad generalization: those who are segregated do better in academia, but those who are mixed do better in society.

Mixed vs Separate Gender learning environments

The real world is made up of men and women. Shocking, I know. So, essentially, the question is this: do we want the classroom to be solely for learning and educating ourselves? Or do we have the desire for the classroom and the school it resides in to be a venue of openness and social interaction?

There are positive and negative sides to each one of the arguments, and no conclusive evidence has been collected. And so, the debate rages on in many halls and ministries of education around the world.

When approaching the subject matter, there are three models:

  1. Same-sex education
  2. Co-education
  3. Mixed education on differing levels
same sex schools

Do kids learn better with the same sex?

Some researchers have shown through their studies that same-sex education promotes healthy academia and unhealthy social views.

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