The Belief in Stress Relief

Being a student is stressful. Whether you’re in middle school or high school, and certainly for those of us pursuing our quest for knowledge in the halls of higher education – it get can very tense and worrisome.

Great Ways to Relieve Stress for Students

Ironically, most students say they can’t find the time to take advantage of any stress-relieving techniques. It is important, though, as stress reduction is vital for the proper function of both the mind and the body. As busy as your schedule is, you should always find the time to invest in yourself, if only for a few minutes. You may find you’ll need to re-organize, and prioritize your activities differently. You should do it, perhaps temporarily, and see if it does not improve the quality of your life, both inside and outside of the classroom.

There are several easy ways to help manage stress levels and boost energy.


My personal favorite, being that I had a bicycle in college. I rode around campus so many times, for all kinds of purposes. Sometimes, I would be studying for something or other in my room, and then I would just slam the book shut and say: to hell with it, I am going for a ride. It was that simple. The fresh air always helped clear my head, and the view certainly helped pump some juice into my brain and broaden my academic horizons.

Visual Meditation

See it and be it. Get comfortable, breathe slowly through the diaphragm, and use your imagination to visualize yourself to relaxation. There are many techniques you can employ in visualization, and it is most beneficial as a long term practice, as opposed to the occasional use. Although, it can be used every now and then, and you can still enjoy its power.



It seems like such an obvious thing, but the more obvious it is the less people feel the need to be reminded. We spend so many years of our life in sleep, we take it for granted sometimes. Students are infamous for their chronic lack of sleep, whether it is due to studies or parties. The fact is that the body needs its sleep. Once lack of sleep begins to accumulate, the brain also begins to lax. Tired students are less productive. They have more difficulties picking up and retaining information.

You snooze, (during class), you lose

You snooze, (during class), you lose


Listen to music before bed or while you are studying. This may be obvious to some, but our body really does react to music, and music as a learning tool should not be overlooked. Of course, it all depends on the music you choose. I love Pantera to death, but the chances of me unwinding to Vulgar Display of Power are slim to none. Try some Bach or Vivaldi. Even if classical music isn’t your thing, put in the effort and try it out. The mathematical structure of the melodies can even have positive effects on your brain.

Another way to go is with upbeat pop. Once again, even if it isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can rejuvenate and revitalize your organs with a quick hit single that gets you up and dancing. Whatever it is – if you’re dancing to it, it’s all good.


These are just a few suggestions of ways to relieve some stress in your everyday life. There are many techniques you can use, and they are all good. What works for one person may not work for the others. It is important that whatever you choose, you stick to it. It isn’t just about doing better at school. Stress relief is something which will always be important, at any stage of life.

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