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Web development is all about designing and creating websites and web-based platforms. Lynda web courses are all about learning the essentials, then embedding video, formatting text, creating a content strategy, and analyzing user experience design. Web developers are needed everywhere – from working for corporations and government agencies, to any kind of company or business.

Lynda training review offerings include many different specialties within web development. Modern web development is based on different languages and frameworks. This means that some developers choose to focus on a specific tier within the structure, while others could specialize in other tiers of the web application in question.

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Lynda’s web training is a very comprehensive section. It has everything, from the foundations of programming, through web workflows with Grunt.js, to advanced WordPress maneuvers.

The internet crept into our lives in the 1990’s, and nothing has ever been the same. Business, entertainment, news and media, grocery shopping – it is all getting oh so digital. Naturally, some things will never be able to go truly digital. Nevertheless, the internet is a major player in everyday life for many of us.

There are over 1,200 courses and nearly 50,000 video tutorials in Lynda’s web training section. The most popular course topics are:

Web Design

First-timers, as well as veteran web designers, will be able to take advantage of’s courses on web design. Some courses are very introductory, which reveal the essentials and fundamentals. Others are for more advanced students, and they focus on advanced software features, tips and tricks for expert users, and strategies for success.

If you review and the different sorts of courses, you will find that the courses in the web design section teach designing for different industries. It teaches how to build community websites, restaurant websites, a responsive portfolio website, or even a homepage marquee which responds to users.

There are 328 different courses on web design, and they are taught by dozens of instructors. One of the most prolific instructors in’s web section is Chris Converse, who has over 20 years of experience with web design and user interface optimization. He works with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, image optimization, motion graphics, Flash, Director, Shockwave, PHP, ASP, and other tools.

Web Development

Developing a web-site

Developing a web-site

Using web applications such as PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS, students can learn how to build a website. The courses on web development are somewhat similar to those on web design, since they overlap in certain cases. A good web developer is usually also a good web designer, who knows how to match a client’s wants and needs to those of the actual user. The key is to provide a positive and friendly website experience to both client and user, and the experts at will be able to help you reach that happy medium, and to build websites that work.

From eCommerce websites, through database querying and management, to using languages such as JavaScript, Python 3, and WordPress, the courses on web development are there for aspiring coders or professional developers who are interested in broadening their horizons.

It never hurts to have a few more skills up your sleeve. This is true in any walk of life, and it remains true in the world of IT. The web development courses teach students how to work with AngularJS, HTML5 video, Git and Github, and other languages, platforms, and pieces of software. There are 251 courses on web development in’s web section. 64 of those courses are taught by a single individual: instructor Morten Rand-Hendriksen.

Rand-Hendriksen is a web designer and developer. He is an author, speaker, and presenter, who has an eye for crisp designs and a passion for code and software. Rand-Hendriksen has a small digital media company, and he spends his time working and teaching others how to get the most out of their web.

Many of the courses taught by Rand-Hendriksen have to do with WordPress and its many aspects and intricacies. However, some of his other courses are on blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), and the foundations of user experience (UX).

Content Management Systems

Blogs, news sites, shopping sites, and others – they all use a content management system (CMS). CMSs are programs which make creating, editing, and modifying content simple and easy. These systems are designed for several purposes: to increase workflow and productivity, to serve as a digital asset management system, and to allow any and all users – even ones who have very little or no coding experience – to build a website and maintain it.

CMSs have been used since the 1990’s. Like any management system, there are different types of CMSs available. At, there are 109 different courses on CMSs, and they include software and applications such as WordPress, Muse, Joomla!, and Squarespace.

The most popular courses are on theme building in WordPress, essential Drupal 7 training, essential Joomla! 3 training, and workflows with WordPress. There is also a popular course on SharePoint Designer, and even one on Dreamweaver core concepts.

Cup of java-script

Cup of java-script

The editor’s top picks are: JavaScript for Web Designers, jQuery for Web Designers, Foundations of UX: Content Strategy, JavaScript: Enhancing the DOM.

One of the most popular courses in the web section is HTML Essential Training, instructed by senior author James Williamson. This course teaches how HTML is the language that powers the web, and how one can master it and harness its great potential. It goes in-depth regarding the essentials, and puts the student in the driver’s seat from the beginning. Student learn how to code in HTML, the right way.

Topics of this course include:

Why is HTML important?

Exploring an HTML document

Formatting content

Displaying images

Using nav, article, and div elements

Linking to pages and downloadable content

Creating lists

Controlling styling (fonts, colors, and more)

Writing basic scripts


The world of web design

The world of web design

The total run time of the course five hours and 55 minutes. This course has gotten over 70,000 views since its release in September of 2014. It is meant for students who are just taking their first steps in the wide world of HTML. It is closed captioned and transcribed.

Williamson is a certified Adobe instructor, and a senior staff member at He has many years of experience with web, print, and digital video. He speaks at various conferences and maintains a blog in which he writes, albeit infrequently, about web-related topics.

Williamson teaches 38 different courses on From designing a logo for a business, through foundations of UX, to HTML5 and even TypeKit.

Another very popular course in the web section is Muse Essential Training, taught by instructor Justin Seeley. This course teaches how to build HTML-based websites using the Muse interface. Those who are familiar with Adobe software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign will already be acquainted with Muse. Seeley breaks down the design process, and shows students how to work with Muse from start to finish. Graphics, text, widgets, menus – everything you need to a professional looking website up and running.

The topics of this particular course are:

Becoming familiar with the Muse interface

Creating a sitemap

justin seeley

justin seeley

Setting up master pages

Working with headers and footers

Importing and embedding graphics

Scaling, rotating, and aligning page objects

Wrapping text around images

Working with web-safe and Typekit fonts

Creating links

Adding menus for navigation

Inserting an interactive map

Adding a Facebook Like button

Building a Business Catalyst form

Exporting the site to HTML

The total run time of this course is just short of six hours. It was uploaded in June of 2014, and was updated in June of 15. It has over 35,000 views. This essential training course is meant for those at the beginner level. It is closed captioned and completely transcribed.
Seeley is a trainer and graphic designer, with a decade’s worth of experience. His work has been in many digital publications. Seeley teaches 52 courses on Lynda. Many courses focus on art, but other range from brand creation, through business and marketing tips, up to creating and maintaining a Pinterest or Tumblr account.

The World Wide Web is always growing. There is no telling where it is going to end up. Along with this amazing wealth of digital information, come so many opportunities, people, and places to go. It is a universe that beckons exploration and innovation. As always, there are those who do not wish to follow the crowd. They choose to be the ones behind the scenes, who remain behind the curtains and design how others experience the digital world that is all around them. They are the architects and thinkers of the 21st century.

Learn how to play with the web, and format it as you see fit. Leave your personal mark on this endless superhighway of information.’s tutorials and training videos can help those who wish to take part in this amazing experience called being online.

Lynda’s instructors are beyond experienced, and they have helped thousands of students go from novice to expert. Whether it is from the server side or the client side, web developers program the way that information is sent back and forth, and make modern communication scale to greater and more efficient heights.

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