Udemy Business Strategy Courses Review

A strategy can be defined in many different ways, but essentially all definitions encompass several key elements. A business strategy is defined as the decisions a company makes when it comes to discuss its business objectives and the ways of achieving them. A good strategy will include the clear definition of goals, as well as the plan with which the company will pursue said goals.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

An Udemy business strategy class can prepare you with ways to best create and implement a business strategy. More than anything, strategy training is first and foremost about analysis. One must understand the business they are in, the market surrounding it, and the obstacles and/or competition which stands in the way of achieving the goals that were set. Because the business world can be unpredictable, analysis is crucial. When done correctly, analysis of internal and external data can help maximize the company’s potential, make smart use of its resources, and gear it towards success.

A strategy should also include the scope of the business, and the value or impact – monetary or otherwise – that the company will have on itself, its environment, its customers, clients, and shareholders. In that sense, strategy is the very foundation of any business, company, or enterprise. A strategy makes plain the bigger questions which drive any business: what business are we in? How do we succeed in it, taking into account our available resources? What are our objectives, on a small and large scale? How do we make those objectives happen in the best possible way?

Business Strategies, thanks to Udemy

The Udemy business strategy courses page displays the top free courses, the top paid courses, and new and mention-worthy courses. Examples of the courses are: Sales and Business Case Development ($89), Productivity Management Formula ($125), Listbuilding for Internet Marketers ($199), and Foundations of Business Strategy (Free).

The courses on Udemy also provide training which promotes innovation, smart planning, and customer retention. Udemy offers courses on drafting a business plan, naming a business, using the internet for marketing purposes, and managing a product responsibly.

Idea Validation

One very popular course is Idea Validation – from idea to paying customer in 1 day, by instructor Evan Kimbrell. Kimbrell is the founder and director of San Francisco-based SprintKick, a digital agency which provides solutions to anyone and everyone with an idea. From design through development to deployment – Kimbrell’s company does it all, and has a proven track record.

Evan Kimbrell

Evan Kimbrell

Kimbrell’s course is all about validating a business idea before deploying it, sort of ‘beta testing’ it in the shallow waters. In his course, Kimbrell teaches students how to develop an idea from scratch, experiment with it, and avoid the problems and pitfalls which cause many – if not all – business ventures to fall flat on their faces. The course has over 51 lectures and nearly 9 hours of content, and has been taken by nearly 4000 students. This course has no pre-requisites, other than an internet connection. Of course, some knowledge of basic online research techniques can be beneficial, but it is not necessary.

This course is intended for anyone with an idea: entrepreneurs, product managers, small business owners, marketers, and basically anyone who is interested in testing the waters online before committing to a specific plan.


Analyzing An Idea (or Product)

Kimbrell’s course is the very definition of good business strategizing. It aims to help out those who already have an idea or product, but are interested in analysis. Kimbrell’s teaches his students to analyze their idea or product, and the market in which they are in, in order to see if the goals which they are interested in achieving are indeed achievable. According to Kimbrell, most businesses fail because they lack proper planning and testing. In his course, he provides valuable tools which will save those who use them time and money, and ensure that once they finally do launch, there will be a lot less risk involved.

Students which took the course had very good things to say about both the class itself and its instructor. Only one student said he was forced to listen to the lectures in the form of a podcast, since Kimbrell’s body language was very distracting. Kimbrell’s course is well-organized, and provides a great starting point for all business newcomers.



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