Udemy Home Business Courses Review

According to the Small Business Administration, approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month in the United States. Many won’t succeed.

People like the idea of starting their own businesses and being their own bosses, but starting a business is tough, and people don’t necessarily know what they are getting themselves into when they file those license and permit applications.

Udemy has nearly 500 different courses on home businesses, covering a wide spectrum of ideas, practices, and situations – the various do’s and don’ts of operating small businesses. These include introductory courses, money-making methods, beginner’s guides, marketing and analysis techniques, app building, and advanced business solutions.

Be Your Own Boss

On the Udemy home business courses featured page, different categories are shown: start a business on Amazon, start a business on eBay, other ways to start a home business, top free courses, and new and mention-worthy courses. Cost of courses ranges from $9 to $299, and of course there are also many free ones available.

Home Businesses

Home Businesses

One very popular course is Start a Home Web Design Business, by Christine Maisel. Maisel states that the objective of the course is to save students time and money, by circumventing the classic mistakes and pitfalls which every new business owner makes.

The course costs $299, and includes 70 lectures which come out to over 3 hours of video content. Start a Home Web Design Business has been taken by over 10,000 students so far, and it has a high 4.8 out of 5 rating, based on over 200 reviews. The course introduces a way to supplement income by turning a hobby into a job, freelancing, and taking part in the web design industry from home. Maisel stresses that only those who are committed will be able to succeed and actually prosper in this business.

Getting A Business Off The Ground

Students will learn to set up and maintain their very own web design business. Maisel teaches how to find new customers, retain them, and increase income gradually. Furthermore, she provides her students with the knowledge of what tools and tricks can be used to maximize quality, hasten service, and keep clients happy.

Home Business

Turn Your Idea Into A Profit

There is no experience needed to take this course. It is meant for beginners, and is presented in such a way. All that is necessary is the drive to make the business work. The course is meant for anyone who is willing to work hard on their home business, and supplement his or her current income.

Maisel has over 15 years of web design experience. She has built hundreds of websites using different platforms, and provides training for individuals and businesses on how to manage their websites with no knowledge of coding. Maisel loves teaching others how to make their dream into reality, and she is available for any questions or feedback from her Udemy students.


There are related topics on the Udemy home business page, such as social media marketing, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and web development.

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