Udemy Business Law Courses Review

Business law is a branch of law that deals with businesses and companies. It examines how they are formed, bought or sold, how they function, and how they operate within their specific geographical location and market.

There are a multitude of classes available on Udemy, including almost 60 Udemy business law courses. The business law landing page features the top paid courses and top free courses. These include Trademarks in Plain English (Free), WordPress Developer’s Legal Guide – Don’t Lose Your Business ($299), Copyright Made Easy (Free), and Blogger Legal Guide – Protect Your Online Writing Career ($99).

Business Law can be relevant across many fields

Business Law can be relevant across many fields

Covering everything from local state entity licensing, through real estate and labor laws, to debt collection and bankruptcy laws – business law is a very broad subject, and many different topics are associated with it. Business law is taught mainly in law schools and business schools, and any experienced businessman has (or should have) at least some idea of what these laws are about, depending on that businessman’s field of expertise. Udemy courses are a great way to build upon and further develop this knowledge.

Law of the Land

One of the most popular courses on business law is Trademark Law for Entrepreneurs, by Dana Robinson. It is a free course, and it is for those who are at a beginner level. The course features 8 separate lectures, and together they comprise almost an hour of video on trademark law.

The course is an overview of the laws involved, and it focuses on the questions most frequently asked by entrepreneurs about trademarking. The course is built as an interview with Robinson, who is an attorney, professor, and entrepreneur.

This course is meant for beginners, but some understanding and knowledge of basic business concepts is necessary for full comprehension of the course material. It is meant for entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners.

Students who go through this course will be able to apply trademark law to their business, search for trademarks, and understand the importance of registering a company properly.

Robinson is an expert in trademark law, especially in matters related to the internet, technology, and software. He has represented clients in countless trademark-related legal action in front of the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board. Robin also has extensive practice in mergers and acquisitions, copyright law, corporate formation, and business transactions. Robinson is the co-founder of several startup companies.

What’s in a Name?



Thousands of students have been through Robinson’s course, which has received a 4.8 out of 5 rating. The reviews are all very positive, and students have stated that it has helped them with their own startups. When you are starting your own small business or startup, it is vital that you have a grasp of at least some of the more basic and fundamental ideas and practices which are common in the business world. Shakespeare may have written “oh, what’s in a name?”, but in the business world, a name – a trademark – means a lot. It can sometimes make the difference between flying high and crashing hard.

On the front page there are categories related to business law, such as entrepreneurship, home business, finance, and social media marketing.

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