Udemy Operations Courses Review

To operate is to work. Simply put, the meaning of the word ‘operations’ is ‘ways of working’. In other words, it is a way to get a job done.

We all have some sort of routine in our job. Whether our line of work is in service, retail, manufacturing, nonprofit / for profit – most jobs follow some sort of pattern. The point of operations training asks the question: how can we learn to do our jobs in a smarter way?



The Udemy webpage has about 130 different courses on operations training, which include Manufacturing Planning and Control, by Krasimir Kirov ($299); Operations and Supply Chain Management, by Sorin Dumitrascu ($47); Alibaba Wholesale secrets & eBay product sourcing guide, Sergey Kasimov ($297); and Operations Management, by Professor Gad Allon (Free).

Different business strategies require different processes. Improving operations means that there is a smoother workflow, which can then be turned into real advantages against competitors. Managers, who have a broader view of the business, are the ones who will need to make operational decisions. Operations training teaches managers how to make smarter decisions, depending on the nature of the project or issue at hand.

To Outsource, or Not to Outsource?

One of the most popular Udemy operations courses is by Evan Kimbrell, who also has courses on business strategy. Kimbrell’s operations course is entitled Master Outsourcing – Get the best price & save time. The course’s cost is $97, and it provides the student with the tools necessary to begin smarter outsourcing. Kimbrell teaches his students to succeed in projects through smarter use of time and money, and by implementing techniques which have proven to bring positive results and growth to those who use them.

The course is meant for anyone interested in understanding outsourcing, along with its do’s and don’ts. Project or product managers are also very likely to benefit from Kimbrell’s operations course, as well as his other business courses.

The course itself is a whopping 15 hours in length, and has over 78 lectures in its curriculum. It teaches the student how to navigate safely through the waters of outsourcing platforms such as Elance, UpWork, and Freelancer. The student will become familiar with wireframing tools, as well as transparency tools, to ensure that the project is moving along at a satisfactory pace. Students will also learn to budget projects properly and avoid unnecessary losses through smart cost reduction.

Better, Faster, Stronger

Operations training is meant to help managers reach better results faster. Working properly and efficiently facilitates quicker development. Those who learn how to operate in a smooth fashion have the potential to keep growing, since they are quicker to adapt to any situation. Even though there is probably no real substitute for first-hand experience – learning from other people’s first-hand experiences is the next best thing! Kimbrell’s methods are proven to work, and the thousands of students who have taken his Udemy courses can attest to their effectiveness.

Kimbrell’s operations course is detailed, well-organized, thought out, and professional. Outsourcing is notoriously difficult to pull off, and this course can help managers avoid the headaches and mistakes associated with outsourcing. Less problems = greater productivity = higher performance rates – all around satisfaction. This is what operations training is all about – doing what we are all already doing, but doing it better, smarter, and more efficiently.

Rising productivity

Rising productivity

On Udemy’s operations page, there is a list of other topics and courses associated with operations training. These are there so that students who are interested in operations will be able to be just one click away from other courses which will help them advance even further. On the list are courses such as project management, entrepreneurship, communications, and finance.

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