Udemy Data and Analytics Courses Review

Data and Analytics

This field  is exactly what it sounds like – technology dealing with information. Information is everywhere, and it comes in many different forms. In many cases, what is needed is a way to sift through the data. Combing the data for useful information is what data analysis is all about.

The Udemy data and analytics courses section is comprised of more than 170 courses. It covers everything, from fundamentals of business analysis, through using the data to get your business to grow, to advanced analytics with Excel.

Data and Analytics

Data Analysis

The featured page of the data & analytics section has the top paid courses, top free courses, as well as the newest and mention-worthy courses. These include courses like Scraping and Data Mining for Beginners and Pros (Free), Google Analytics: Turn Your Data into Actionable Insights ($99), Excel For Top MBAs [And Wannabes] ($139), and Tableau 9 Advanced Training: Master Tableau for Data Science ($299).

Many times, when dealing with big data, a company may find unexpected treasures and trends in their data. Know how to analyze data properly can help propel a business forward. It brings about different conclusions, and can affect decision making in the short- and long-term life of a business.

Skip the Mumbo Jumbo

One of the most popular courses in the data & analytics section is SQL for Newbs: Beginner Data Analysis, by Peter Sefton and David Kim. Subtitled “A Course You’ll Actually Finish”, this course is meant for non-technical personnel, job seekers, startup entrepreneurs, those who are interested in data analysis, and marketers. It provides a quick and easy introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL). The course focuses on the use of MySQL, but is also compatible with PostgreSQL, Postgres, SQL Server, and others.

The course’s cost is $157, it includes 4 hours of video content spread over 34 lectures, and has had nearly 8000 students so far. The course is actually applicable to any business/company who is interested in growing through analysis of data. Sefton and Kim skip the “abstract/theoretical mumbo jumbo” as they call it, and get right into practices and ideas which you can immediately apply to your own business. Exercises and quizzes are scattered throughout the course, so the student can be on top of things and learn by taking action.

Kim and Sefton are active in the course’s message board, and the course itself is structured in a way which is fun and motivating. It is their opinion that education can and should be fun, relevant, entertaining, and informative. This is why they decided to subtitle this course “A Course You’ll Actually Finish”.

No previous technical knowledge is required to take this course. There is also no need to purchase any software. The course guides you through the installation of the free software needed for the course. Students will learn user-behavior analytics, making data-driven decisions, and measuring and tracking marketing efforts.

Students who have taken the course are stating that the duo turn something that can be terribly boring into a fun and entertaining learning experience. The course has a 4.7 out of 5 rating, based on over 250 reviews.

Information is Everywhere

Information is Everywhere

The Udemy data & analytics page also features related topics, such as project management, analytics & automation, databases, and web development.

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