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The 99%, as it were, are no longer content with letting accountants, investors and bankers run the financial whole show. People want to understand more, and become actively involved in their financial lives.  The more versed average people are in the language of business and finance, the less chance there is of them falling into any pitfalls. There is an excess of information available and with Udemy regular people can know the game just as well as the pros. Which is exactly why Udemy has created many finance courses, each one offering insight into specific aspects of the profession.

Finance Online

Finance is a broad subject which covers many sub-categories, but they can generally be divided into personal finance, corporate finance, and public finance. Financing, in a nutshell, is the term used for the management of funds and assets, whether tangible or intangible. More and more individuals are reading up on finance and related matters. They are interested in getting educated in the field of financial modeling, since it is becoming crucial for the survival of the individual’s personal wealth. The internet is a great place to get all this done with you being able to learn at your own pace when its convenient for you and your life! This is a huge change seeing as how up until now these have been closely guarded secrets of the financial bulls on Wall Street. The shift that courses like this can potentially have in how money is invested is massive. Now every day people understand how to invest wisely and confidently and the big guys aren’t sure what to do about it.


Financial modeling is the ability to create a model based on real-life events.

Financial modeling is the ability to create a model based on real-life events.

 Udemy’s courses on finance

  • Trading
  • Forex
  • Accounting
  • Investment Banker Training
  • Top Paid Courses
  • Top Free Courses
  • New and Mention-worthy courses.

Each of these categories has within it several courses which are featured on the Udemy finance front page. The prices for such courses vary, and the featured ones range from $27 to $300. Going through a complete course and making sure you have a solid understanding of it before moving on is crucial due to how convoluted and confusing the finance world is. Here’s a quick example of a video just to give you a taste of what a Udemy class is like.


Learning Forex

One very popular course is titled Forex Trading for Beginners – LIVE Examples of Forex Trading. It is a Forex course, created by instructor Kirill Eremenko. Eremenko is an expert trader and data scientist. His beginner Forex course has over 5 hours of content, spread over 53 lectures. In the course, Eremenko gives students a full understanding of how the Forex market operates, and provides them with tools with which they can go out into the Forex market and succeed. Eremenko arms the students with the knowledge and tools necessary to be a smart trader, and manage a professional and sensible Forex account.

Eremenko recommends this course not only for those who are interested in Forex, but also for those who wish to learn about technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and financial markets. In this course, Eremenko manages to provide examples based on his real-life experiences. Combined with his academic background in physics and mathematics, he is able to provide the students with a full and comprehensive account of his dealings with trading and data science.

Learning Terminology

One thing that the pros love using to make themselves seem more educated and keep us reliant on their expertise is terminology. Every field of study has them, its just the nature of the beast. With Udemy and its courses your lack of understanding and feeling inferior or timid around these guys be a thing of the past. This really is one of the things you will come out with enough understanding and familiarity with to be confident.

Positive Finance

A good review means a good class.

A good review means a good class.

Those who have taken Eremenko’s course are always leaving positive reviews, and are sharing their stories of success in their post-course Forex dealings. The course is structured in such a way that beginners aren’t lost or disoriented. There is always more to learn, but as an introduction – Eremenko delivers. On the Udemy finance page are other course topics related to finance, such as entrepreneurship, home business, communications, and media. All of which will help you leave the cloud of confusion and sail the sunny seas of education.


In general i think what Udemy is doing is wonderful and a great service to society, and specifically what they did with Finance. not only are the courses great but after 2008 people need the education. we will only avoid repeating our mistakees if we change the pattern and to do that we need to educate.

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