Udemy Web Development Course Review

The internet is always growing, and is reaching more and more locations. Consequently, developing webpages is probably one of the most important fields in all of the IT world. Udemy allows students to learn the skills necessary to become web developers, and gives experienced web developers the chance to learn new skills as well as hone their current ones. As with all of their courses, they bring you the best teachers and cover the material you need in order to be successful. All this is done with costing a fraction of the price of a standard development boot camp or a college education would cost. In addition the course takes a fraction of the time you would normally expect for learning such skills. This is possible because they cut right to the chase and cover what you need to know and how you need to know it.

Udemy online courses

Udemy online courses

Now that you’ve learned all about Udemy finance courses as well as their e-commerce courses. Let’s turn our attention to  the internet with our Udemy Web Development Course Review. Web development is a very broad term, and is essentially used for any kind of work involved in building and developing pages on the internet or an intranet. Though this is the term’s main definition, other tasks and areas fall under the vast umbrella of web development, including tasks such as web design, network security, e-businesses, and even social networks. It is a position which can consist of one or two individuals in smaller companies, to dozens and even hundreds of people, working together as a team, in the larger companies.

Anyone Can Develop Websites

On the web development category page on Udemy there are two tabs: Featured and All Courses. The default tab is Featured, where a top pick is displayed, along with other featured courses underneath it. The top student pick in the Web Development category is The Complete Web Developer Course, created by instructor Rob Percival. The course has had 152,040 students – that number grows by the day – and its cost is $199. It includes 235 lectures, is fit for all levels, and boasts 28 hours of video content.


In just six weeks, Rob shows students step-by-step how to become professional developers. Pretty amazing, considering how much a course such as this would cost in an outside, formal institution. This particular course is said to be fit for all levels, but obviously it is geared more towards beginners seeing as how he starts from step one. Someone that is understands development or has been exposed to it, may still appreciate the review and would be able to move through the first steps much faster. Allowing them to get to the more advanced classes he gives later in the course.

Skills Covered

  • Setting up web hosting
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • CMSs and WordPress
  • Responsive design
  • PHP coding
  • MySQL databases
  • APIs – application programming interface
  • Mobile apps
  • Bonus section entitled “how to make $10,000 while learning to code”

Rob’s course advertises itself as being easy to navigate, student-friendly, and crystal clear. Rob also promises to provide “fast, friendly, responsive support by email, Twitter and on the Udemy forums.” It is easy to see how this course has become one of the top courses on all of UdemyRob’s course requires only a working computer with an internet connection. No prior knowledge, experience, or software is necessary. Students learn how to develop a website or application for their businesses or for themselves, and how to earn money as a web developer. There are those who may do web development part-time, and there may be others who are looking for a career change. Either way, the course starts from the very basics, and slowly but surely guides the student through the many facets and intricacies of web development. There are quizzes at the end of each section, in order for the student to gauge his or her advancement and information retention. The average rating for Rob’s course is 4.8 out of 5 stars, with over 12,676 student ratings. Some of the reviewers of the course have stated that there are parts which are a little outdated, but overall the course is a hit.

Featured Courses

Learn something new today!

Learn something new today!

Aside from the top pick, the featured categories on the Udemy web development landing page include introductory courses, top free courses, top paid courses, web-to-mobile courses, new arrivals, and courses worth mentioning. Prices for the top paid courses range from $49 to $199. Each featured category displays four different courses. Among the most popular courses are: Become a certified web developer ($199), Learning Bootstrap 3 ($49), Learn and understand AngularJS ($99), Javascript: understanding the weird parts ($149), and WordPress for beginners (free). On the left side of the Featured page are topics related to web development. Categories such as mobile application development, programming languages, design tools, Microsoft, social media marketing, and user experience. Students can browse through these categories to locate other courses which may complement the ones which they are interested in learning and enrich their experience.

Careers For Developers

Web developers do have to do a lot of behind the scenes work to make sure sites are running properly there is other work to be done as well. They meet with the client to understand what it is exactly they are looking for in their site and how the developer can make that happen. They write the code, and handle the graphics for the site which leads me to my next point. Once you learn hot to develop you have a handful of other options that will open up for you. There is programming, software development and computer security. If you found you liked the artsy designer side of this hen there are other options for you too. you will have a solid understanding on  graphic design and multimedia art and animation.


Out of all of Rob Percival’s courses, this one may be his best work. He takes a subject which can be hard to make exciting and he really brings it to life. Udemy knew what they were doing by bringing him onto their teaching staff. The amount of satisfied students speak volumes and really assures me that Rob is one of the best teachers around. Take the chance to let him show you just how good he can be and how comprehensible the material really is when presented by a professional. He will have you designing classy, stylish and functional websites in just one and a half months.

The internet is a crucial part of our world today and relies on web development to survive and function. It is a great career or hobby for anyone who is looking to expand their technological horizons. Taking advantage of these courses will give you a real leg up as these are tremendous skills to have in your pocket. This is a great career and can open up some great doors into the design and development side of business and technology.

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